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[XP] Help me invent my eventing

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so... been trying to figure out for a while how to add a blood splatter effect on RMXP. One that either activates at certain hit points or each time hit would be good. I'm sure it can be done through eventing, just cant figure out how to tie it to Mr. Mo's ABS. I can kinda understand scripting but, ive found most things can be done through an event. Also, i wanted to removed the "game over" and instead have my player transferred to an earlier state and location. for example; when shot to death after various blood splatter effects, i would like to display a graphic of blackness and have my player revived as a clone in a lab vat.  Pre-thanks to any who would like to help
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How well does Mr. Mo's ABS handle parallel events? I'm thinking what you could do is have a parallel event that uses two variables. Let's call them HPorig and HPhit. Make your parallel event something like this:

Set Variable [HPhit] to Player 1's HP
Subtract [HPorig] from [HPhit]
Condition: if [HPhit] is less than -5 (or however much damage will cause a blood splatter. Make sure this is a negative number.)
= Show blood splatter animation
Set Variable [HPorig] to Player 1's HP

I haven't tested this, but I think it will work unless Mr. Mo's ABS is weird with parallel events. If it freezes the game try adding a wait command for 1 frame at the end.