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[XP] Warp Points [RMRK+]

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Level 87
Embrace the stillness of eternity.
Warp Points
Version 2.0
Author: Mjustin
RMRK+ Format

Version History

  • 1.0: System is functional.
  • 2.0: Added RMRK+ Format version.


This allows you to use a "Warp Stone" (item in your inventory) to return to a certain point that you had previously set (kind of like Farore's Wind in Zelda OoT).


  • Works anywhere.
  • Game creator is able to set areas where warping is not allowed just by turning on a switch.
  • RMRK+ Format for easy plug-and-playability.


None needed.


This event system is available in RMRK+ format. When using the RMRK+ version, please set the following maximum amounts to at least this high:



Common Events

Copy and paste Common Event 52 into your game's database. Now copy and paste the only item, "Warp Stone," into any empty item slot. Your Warp Points event system is now ready to use.


Here it is.

RMRK+ Format

Hope you enjoy it.

Level 87
Embrace the stillness of eternity.
Thanks, glad you like it!

That's what I was thinking. So do I need to post in the RMRK+ thread or can I just reserve the variables and stuff now since you're already posting here anyway?