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[XP] Advanced Thievery Event System

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Advanced Thievery
Version: 1.0
Author: Mjustin
Date: August 3, 2008

Version History

  • 1.0: Fully functional gold stealing system.
  • 1.1: Demo up!


This event system allows you to make complex steal skills for stealing different things from your enemies. It bases your chance to steal off of your DEX versus the enemy's AGI, and even certain items you have equipped.


  • Stealing is based on somewhat complex math allowing for more possibilities.
  • Stealing is based on character's DEX versus enemy's AGI, and therefore gets easier to steal from lower-level enemies as you progress.
  • You can only attempt to steal from each enemy once.


Step 1: Create an actor to use the steal skill(s).

Step 2: Create two states. The first one is called "Steal" and the next one is called "Stolen." Give Steal a rating of 1 and Stolen a rating of 0. Give them both nonresistance.

Step 3: Create four variables called "Steal Chance," "Steal DEX," Steal AGI," and "Steal Gold Amount."

Step 4: Create two switches called "Steal Fail" and "Steal Gold."

Step 5: Create a common event called "Steal Chances." You can add some items and put them in those conditional branches like I did, but it's not required.

Step 6: Create a common event called "Steal Which" with the following:

You can just copy and paste for as many enemies as you need to.

Step 7: Create a common event called "Steal Gold" with the following:

Step 8: Create a battle event for each of your troops that looks like this:

You can change the random number depending on the troop so different troops will give you different amounts of gold.

Step 9: Enjoy your new stealing system!



  • Mjustin (me!) for creating the system
  • Gando for the original system this one is based off of
  • Modern Algebra (I copied the format of his Blackjack Event System thread)

Author's Notes

  • The event system only works for one character. If you want more than one character to have the skill, you have to make a second set of everything for that character.
  • I'm going to add a system for stealing items. It won't be too different, but it'll add a bit more complicated-ness.

So, tell me what you think! Also, tell me about any errors you find.

EDIT: Demo up! Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?gwtimokmnxg

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This looks really good. Nice work.

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Looks very nice and well-made!
Is it possible if you include a demo?
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