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[XP] Nonrandom Battle Event System

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Nonrandom Battle Event System
Version 1.0
Author: Mjustin

Version History

  • 1.0: Functional nonrandom battle event system.


This system allows you to have enemies on the map that will attack you and initiate a battle (not an ABS). There's probably a script for this already, since there's a script for just about everything, but this can be for people who don't want to use scripts.


  • Enemies wander around on the map. When you come within their area of sight, a 5-square radius, they will begin to chase you.
  • Enemies will stop chasing you if you leave their area of sight.
  • Handles at least four enemies on one map.


Just the one:


Here it is.

The mapping isn't exactly top-notch, but I think it's forgivable considering this is just an event system demo.

Author's Notes

  • I've currently got the system configured to handle four enemies on one map. I'm not sure what the limit is, and I'm not sure what'll happen if you get all four enemies to chase you. I've gotten three to chase me, and it seemed to work fine.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Hope you like it!

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This looks good. Is there a handler that once you get far enough away the event stops chasing you?

Anyway, it's insignificant, but it might be something to add at a later date if it's not already in iy. This looks good.

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Thanks, and yes, there is. I put it in the Features section; I've now changed the wording to make it more clear.

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very nice work, now if someone asks how to do this, I can point them here :D
any useful addition to the database is a good contribution

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Good job! This should help with my game I'm making... if I have your permission, of course.
The biggest mistake of RMRK since 2009...

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Feel free to use any of my event systems for any project.