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[XP] ChuChu Rocket in RMXP?

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Level 87
Embrace the stillness of eternity.

ChuChu Rocket Event System
Version 1.0
Author: Mjustin

Version History

  • 1.0: Minigame is functional, and demo+screenshots are up.


This system emulates the bare basics of the Dreamcast game ChuChu Rocket.


  • Place arrows to guide your character to the goal.
  • Movement is, like in Chu Chu Rocket, completely automated.


Spoiler for:
Spoiler for:


Here it is.

Hope you enjoy it.

Author's Notes

  • Due to how complicated this system is and how lazy I am, I didn't add features like cats, holes, extra modes, etc.
  • I don't know of any glitches, but I'm sure there are a few.

Resource Artist
Level 94
Project of the Month winner for June 2009
I'd say this is pretty neat, but I have no idea what this Chu Chu Rocket thing is... You really should be more explanatory.

Level 87
Embrace the stillness of eternity.
Here's a video of it.

fixed your video
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Ah, thanks. I just figured it was my browser or something.