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[XP] Hunting/Target Game Event System

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Level 87
Embrace the stillness of eternity.
Hunting/Target Game
Version 1.0
Author: Mjustin

Version History

  • 1.0: Functional target game.


This system makes a fun, fast-paced target game with high replay value. The graphic setup makes this a game wherein you get to hurl large boulders at cute, innocent bunnies. Fun!


  • Targets appear in semi-random spots for variety.
  • Game is timed and scored for urgency.
  • Points are scored based on how far away the target is.


Spoiler for:
Spoiler for:
Spoiler for:


Here it is.

Hope you enjoy it.

Author's Notes

  • There is a glitch where targets will occasionally not complete their move routes for some reason; I'm not sure why. The areas where you can shoot aren't attached to the targets, so when this glitch happens you have to shoot where the target is supposed to be.
  • I don't have a graphic for an arrow, so I used a boulder instead.

Level 88
I like the boulder.

Anyway, I've seen something like this in a game before and I liked it. Glad you posted this. Nice job.

Level 87
Embrace the stillness of eternity.

Lol, I just realized I forgot to make the game change the speed back to normal and turn the direction fix off after the minigame's over.