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Hi! Everyone i just recently join in RMRK community and I have still a lot to learn

I have a Problem with Modern Algebra - Change Window Script
It's a must have Script for My project because it will add Ambiance/Effect for different Places

I apologize to bother you with this problem
It's just i get a "NoMethodError occured" in line 68
what is the nomethod error? is it with a Script conflict?
here's the Image

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What does your scripts list look like, what order are they in?
Are you using any other message scripts?

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What does your scripts list look like, what order are they in?
Are you using any other message scripts?

I didn't Add any message Scripts, most of the Scripts I use in the project are for
-battle -items -menus -monster -param and -debug
so i put the (CW script) under (tsukihime - Stack Debugger)
and it didn't show any error but when I try to use Script Call to change the Window
it shows an error with (Large Script Call) :undifined method 'windowskin=' for #<game_system:0x99b5524>
and so I removed the (large Script Call) and still shows an error
this time with, (game_interpreter) shows the same undifined method error

so kinda give-up, I hope i find another Window Changing Script..
and Thank you for your reply

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Does this code need to be inserted in the line of code or at the start of the script? Sorry very new to LUA Scripts.

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