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My name is Graham, newbie

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Hey guys!!

So I'm quite new to the site and was asked to post here to introduce myself.

My name is Graham Dodge and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Pure Canadian through and through.

In the year 2000 I started making a game called: "GALER: Plague of heroes." This game was at first meant to be a tribute to my Dungeons & Dragons group who became the best of friends. GALER is the name of our group made up of the first initials of all of our names:

G- for Graham
A- for Alec
L- for Luke
E- for Eddie
R- for Robert

However, as I started making the game it became quite profound that as the storyline went on, it was actually a true parallel to what was going on in my life. In the beginning you start off as a character named "Croswell", well this character was fashioned after a long time friend Sean Croswell who I haven't seen in 25 years, but my first love of RPG's came from watching him play Final Fantasy and cheering him on back in the late 80's....

In fact, the first characters you meet in the game were all people I met in early childhood. A true parallel to real life. As I went on crafting the game, the remaining characters in my game came into picture almost exactly when I met them in real life... Very eerie as I did not intend for this to happen, it just 'happened.'

As I grew older and into my late 20's, I noticed that I just wasn't 'right.' There was something mentally wrong with me, and I used my game to tell my story of mental illness, which can be seen as the world in my game falling apart and people dying from a zombie apocalypse, or in real life, me blocking out my issues with alcohol and losing friends and family in the process of my destruction...

This is more than just a 'game' for me, it is my story and perhaps others while they are playing my game can relate to it. That is my sole purpose for eventually finishing this game in 2015.

Here is the link to my game on Steam (release date set for December):


Thanks so much for your support!!!

-Graham Dodge
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hi @whats up

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Hey guys,

Just kind of still in shock about actually having my game completed and going to be on Steam.

As for my personality, I can be described as: Extroverted, sensitive, and compassionate towards people with disabilities.

I have a business degree and was in sales for the majority of my life, but I was miserable. After becoming a father two years ago, I quit my job and began working with adults with intellectual disabilities. Never been happier.  :)
"All that we have is each other, and them..."

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Welcome, brother! I love your story and your drive to help others! :)

Also, congrats on releasing your game to steam!! Always an impressive feat! :D
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