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So I used RPG Maker and have been using Unity for a long time and I decided to go ahead and make my own game engine. A 2D one if the title isn't a dead give away. I'm taking a break from Pool of Mana to get some things together so I'm currently working on this. I'm developing this in Visual Studio using c# and .net 4.5. I plan to spend a few months working on this and release it as commerical software. I plan on having the engine cost 30 dollars without royalties of course. The engine is still in early development but so far things are working out well. The engine currently only has an option to build to Windows. However due to the way the game is exported it's possible to have a game on almost any modern operating system. The game exports a package which has all of the assets used in the game which is opened and interpreted by the game's executable. So to include exporting to multiple operating systems I just need to make an interpreter on each. Someone who knows how to develop an application would probably be able to make their own interpreter.

  • Lighting Effects - I plan on this being like Khas' lighting system for Ace but built into the editor.
  • Ranged Audio - Audio sources can be ranged over certain tiles so you can't hear sound effects from far away.
  • Five Layers - There are five layers of tiles: Floor Layer, Floor detail Layer, Character Layer/Detail Layer, Above Character Layer, and Above Character Detail Layer.
  • Scripting Language - Flat features a simple scripting language similar to XML and HTML called Flat Game Script 1.
  • Visual GUI Editor - If you're tired of guessing coordinates like I am then you probably want to use this. Simply drag a button to where on the screen you want it to be, select a style, and choose what it will do.
  • Effects - Flat includes built in effects such as fog.
  • Animations - Make animations for your characters with unlimited frames.
  • Databases - Make unlimited databases for whatever you need; weapons, armor, people, different types of orcs.
  • Tile Size - Choose what resolution you want for tiles up to 128 by 128 (this limitation may be removed in the future).
  • Tools - Build in tools include both a task list and an image convertor.
  • DLC and Patch System - Flat allows you to release DLC for your game and patches so you don't need to send people the entire game when updating. Also if you release your project files someone with the engine can make mods using the DLC system.
  • Launch Screen - Flat includes an optional launch screen similar to Oblivion's and Skyrim's.

Spoiler for Screenshots:
This one is from today. I just started the world editor. I've mainly been working on low level stuff and the user interface.

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Wow, that's pretty interesting. What types/genres of games are going to be capable of being made with this engine?
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I'm aiming for almost anything 2D. There isn't a forced perspective so you aren't stuck with top down. You could make an adventure game, a side scroller, a JRPG, or a simulation game. However there won't be support for procedural generated worlds or at least for now, so you can't make a game like Terraria or Starbound. There are a few other limitations but you have a nice variety of genres to choose from.

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This is really impressive, Doc! :)
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Thank you!

Also if anyone is curious this is the general idea of what Flat Game Script will look like.
Code: [Select]
//Example Script




$MoveForwardKey refers to the strings file.

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Good luck Todd, I think you're going to go far as a designer ;8
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