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Hello! :)

We are Rootless Studio, an indie-game developer made up of 3 team members

We are happy to announce the 1&2st teaser(game prologue and game play) of our first title "After Death".

"After Death" is an [Adventure RPG] based on the Korean folk tale of "Princess Bari". As a fan who really enjoyed and was deeply touched by the "Earth Bound"

series and "Undertale", we tried to make "After Death" a spiritual successor to them.

1&2st Teaser Video

About 'After Death'

1. Game play style : "After Death" is designed with an emphasis on freedom. There is no linear story-line -- the players create their own story with their choices and actions. Meet the friends of the Afterlife, with distinctive and unique  individualitiy, and discover many Easter eggs hidden throughout the game!

2. Game plot : As "Ah-reum" gives up her own life for some reason and enters the Afterlife, "Ah-reum" finds an adventure awaiting her  in the mysterious world of the Afterlife.

3. Game contents : With freedom in game play, [every situation changes with the player's choice]. Distinctive [Turn-based combat], [Puzzles] and [Easter eggs].


Thanks for reading!!
We always try to make the game interesting.
I hope you to enjoy the our 1&2st teaser video.
See you soon :)

More information :
facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/RootlessDuBab/?fref=ts
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The art is incredibly cute.

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The art is incredibly cute.

Thanks you for like art!! This is korea art style!
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Yeah wow this looks super cool o.o
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I love the artwork! :tpg: