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Hello everyone
I am writing this thread to invite you to take part to Urban Fantasy's dev team.
The game will have the chance of appearing among the indie titles at Indie Videogame fairs as well as in the indie corner of some of the main events of the field.

Payment will be afforded mainly by royalties which will be decided according to each case and renegotiated after a crowdfunding efforts in positive cases + lump sum bonuses.

Urban Fantasy is an experimental JRPG featuring an urban environment, social problems, thrill, fantasy and fun. In order to melt these two different aspects (Urban and Magic) the game focuses on the commonly excluded social cathegories which you never heard something about when playing traditional JRPGs like students, salarymen, policemen, poors etc... as well as a representation of an environment which has a strong narrative potential. Subsequently such a setting gives us room to portray an URBAN kind of magic, dealing mainly with the popular kinds of arts we usually witness everyday on walls, tv etc.. as Psychic abilities, Graffiti, Cyber abilities, Rapping etc... Just an example...

The story of the game will unfold among different cities/nations/MNCs (resembling many from the world we live in) and various characters striving to seek a greater power able to change the whole balance of power, creating new threats and erasing the old ones.



Here's the list of vacancies:

The candidate will deal with the creation and editing of battlers and objects based on the original style used by holder; will be involved occasionally with the editing of some battlebacks.

The illustrator will deal with creating portraits for the main characters, enemies, further concept art, illustrations for title and some important events

The scripter/programmer will mainly deal with solving issues (bugs or compatibility problems) or creating some sequences of the game (Attacks, Illumination FXs etc..) as well.

For further info please read this topic on indiedb!
Send an email with your portfolio, CV and motivational letter to zephirel(at)

Thanks for your attention
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