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VXA and Big Paragraphs?

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Looking for the VXA method of making bigger textboxes or large paragraphs so I can do word problems. I'm using VX Ace right now to make mini games to study. The combined deal isn't going to cut it, because while that's great for long passages (I tested it with the "we the people" quote) I really need the whole question to be visible at once.  The scroll feature seemed inappropriate.

Much thanks.

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You can try to raise the resolution to something like 1280x720 pixels with Yanfly script.
You only need the plugin, that I can share with you, because I still have the high res dll. :)
With scripting it can't be really done stand alone, unless you make a picture with only text, but that will result in a full screen with only text. :/
The highest you can go without any .dll is 640x480 pixels, which wouldn't be enough I guess. :( (\ô/)


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Another thing you can try is using a script to increase the message window size. I think you can also change the size at any point with most of these scripts, which will help if you want to keep the boxes at a normal size for regular dialogue.

Modern Algebra's or Yanfly's Message Systems might help out with that.
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