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(To resource makers)You might be victims of a scam...

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This topic in RMW triggered my alarm:
Plugins from Scripters are being sold without their consent in this site!
And the below link is the mentioned site:
I know it's not good to cite a topic in RMW here, but I want to make sure that:
- All the resource makers as victims are aware of this scam
- All of you here will never fall into this scam
And I think it's really important, even though those having heard of Victor Sant, one of the victims, will immediately know it's a scam  :)
To prevent being a victim by buying resources with are actually free via those fraudulent sites, I'd suggest you to search their terms of use before purchasing.
If a site ask you to buy a resource without letting you to read its terms of use beforehand, you should have strong enough evidences and reasons to suspect that it's a scam  ;D
P.S.: As far as I know, the below resource makers are some of the known victims there:
- DoubleX
- Soulpour 777
- Victor Sant
There are also some tilesets and enemies graphics being utilizes by those liars, but I don't know the names of those resource makers as victims lol

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Good lookin' out :)  Thanks.

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Thank you for the head's up, DoubleX! :)

Also, I don't have any problems with users citing other sites - more information is better, especially in a case like this. :D
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