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General Resource Request Template

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Sometimes people request things without giving enough info to really go off of. This handy template will ensure you have all the info someone needs in order to fulfill your request, and present that info in a visually pleasing way.

<General Name of Resource>
<Type of Resource>

<<Replace this with a summary of what you want in your resource>>

Specific Details
  • Replace these with
  • specific details (color, size, style, etc. Try to be as specific as possible.)
  • create more as needed

<<If applicable.>>

Reference Material
  • List any resources that look similar to how you'd like the resource to look
  • or images that evoke the same feel you're going for
  • create more list items as needed

Spoiler for example:

<Steampunk City Theme>
<Background Music>

<<I'm creating a Steampunk-themed RPG, and I want an exotic theme for my main city. I'd like something with an old school SNES feel.>>

Specific Details
  • SNES-style instruments
  • OGG format (pre-looped would be great, but not required)
  • At least 1:00 long
  • Industrial/Steampunk sorta feel
  • Not too attention-grabby or intrusive.

Reference Material
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Thanks for making this, Aco!  : D
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