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[VXA]JouralScene By VianoceGames

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Hello everyone,

This is a simple quest logging script to help players remember what is going on in the game. I wrote it while watching scripting tutorials on YouTube by DP3. You can see those tutorials here: DP3's Scripting Tutorials. I don't care who uses this script just throw my name in your credits.

Screen shots:
Spoiler for:

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Hey, Vianoce! :-)

I really like the look of this script! It's pretty simple and easy to use, and that's exactly what I like. I might just give this a try in a few of my games! :gracie:

Also, I went ahead and fixed the screenshots, so they'll show up on the forums. I hope you don't mind! :) I forgot to tell you that imgur is weird and you have to click the picture before you copy the url from the address bar (the picture should pull up in a blank window. Then you place that address in [img](address goes here)[/img] tags, and voila!
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Cool, I don't mind. I am glad you like the script! Can't wait to see how you use it, if you do.