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DrSword's jumbled GIAW Reviews.

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Because D&P3 is doin it =o.
Just going to copy and paste my notes, some are really vague.

Dig Moar: (25)

Polish – Good Soundtrack, RTP graphics/ try hard mapping (square tent with walls and benches and a fuck huge interior made me literally laugh out loud), incorrect spelling on purpose is really cheesy (6)
Playability – Infuriating glitch with Escaping, boring unimaginative combat, seems like there would be more puzzles (5)
Ingenuity – Awesome awesome concept, well-built system, alright story (9)
Entertainment – Pretty average, couldn’t keep my interest. (5)

Chakra: (16)

Polish – Unfitting soundtrack and RTP graphics (used 2 different facesets at one point), poor mapping (interiors are terrible and the rest is really square and empty) (4)
Playability – Neat puzzle I guess, completely unnecessary combat system (5)
Ingenuity – Generic as fuck, (3)
Entertainment – Had good progression, but wasn’t fun at all. (4)

Chibi Quest 2: (36)

Polish – Awesome graphics and use of soundtrack, great mapping, lots of content (10)
Playability – Some bugs, well balanced combat system (UNTIL THE SKELESNAKES JESUS CHRIST) (7)
Ingenuity – Awesome skill system, awesome combat system, awesome cliché storyline, awesome NUGGETS (9)
Entertainment – Super fun and addicting (10)

Experiment 5.2.9: (18)
Polish – Hilarious charsets, maps have good atmosphere. Terrible dialogue. (4)
Playability – Game crashes if you take damage (2)
Ingenuity – Nice take on things, glad to see it isn’t RTP infested (7)
Entertainment – Apart from the hilariously bad dialogue it was pretty boring. (5)

The Wanderer: (32)
Polish – Great style, alright mapping. (8)
Playability – Fun combat (7)
Ingenuity – Sweet layout (8)
Entertainment – Fun shit, really enjoyed how the story was progressing. (9)

Red Riding Hood: (13)
Polish – RTP got stale fast, decent mapping, volume is really weird and annoying (5)
Playability – Within 5 minutes found a few minor glitches with chests (probably the vault of VXA and not the creator) Also I don’t know if it was just me but the random encounter rate was really high. (5)
Ingenuity – Literally nothing fresh or new. (2)
Entertainment – Horribly stale combat, sound and music was getting on my nerves the whole time, way overused story with rpg clichés added. (1)

The Hallowed Tower: (6)
Polish – The mapping was pretty sweet for the exteriors, but my god those interiors jesus Christ. Game also suffers from peaceful tow-HEAVY METAL SLIME ATTACK syndrome. (4)
Playability/Ingenuity (Both get to share a rant and deserve the same amount of points in my opinion) – Fuck the encounter rate, fuck this game for making me fight slimes and bats with the base combat system until I’m level 5 to fucking progress in the story. Why did the new party member start at level 1? Why does the tower have such a high slime population? Why can’t you stand on recovery spots? Why the fuck is there a large werewolf population confined to the second floor of a tower with rats and giant spiders? Why are there even more gates that require you to level up WITHOUT TELLING YOU WHAT LEVEL YOU NEED TO BE? Why is the story so cliché? Why is there the generic as fuck bad guy at the end with dialogue that doesn’t make any sense at all? Why does that guy have a futuristic mask on? Why? (1) (got one point for not having glitches)
Entertainment – If I could give this a negative number I would. (0)

Major Arcana: (25)
Polish – Great mapping and charsets, nice rustic look to everything. Fitting music. (8)
Playability – Taking a few points off for the disqualified version, also had quite a few problems with NPCs random paths blocking me in places. (4)
Ingenuity – The cards were a pretty fresh idea, also the farmhand class tickled my fancy. (7)
Entertainment – Pretty fun for a bit, got stale quick however. (6)

Nightmare: (38)

Polish -  Superb mapping, atmosphere, music (10)
Playability -  Pretty good, only had one problem with the ghost girl being nearly impassable in the hallways (9)
Ingenuity -  This is the game I was waiting for the whole time, I was getting sick and tired of the generic rpgmaker combat system and this really kicked ass (10)
Entertainment – Very fun game, could use a little extra but I was very satisfied (9)

Dream Within a Dream: (11)
Polish – Very awkward maps, annoying RTP sound effects (4)
Playability – Wonky controls, not sure if the game even ended because I could move but nothing was on screen (4)
Ingenuity – Game might just be too deep for me to understand, but it was really pointless. (2)
Entertainment – Frustration is the only thing I felt with this. (1)

Pulsus: (26)

Polish – Neat titlescreen and music. Enjoyed the intro and maps. (7)
Playability – Some issues with maps teleporting you, fine otherwise (7)
Ingenuity – Pretty fresh take on things (7)
Entertainment – Didn’t hold my interest for very long (5)

Epic Quest: (17)

Polish – Terrible, which I guess is the point (5)
Playability – Surprisingly playable, but disqualified version (5)
Ingenuity – The purposefully shitty game has been done before and better (4)
Entertainment – Boring (3)

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Huh ;o Was also very pleased with this review! Thanks for doing these, you guys! :) It's really inspiring me, should I want to devote more time to Major Arcana. :tpg:
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lol Thanks for the info. 
I am out of fucks to give.  In fact, I think you owe ME some fucks.  I have insufficient fucks in the fucking account.

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Thanks for the review! Gonna be brainstorming how to keep the pacing exciting. Thanks!

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I really appreciate you taking the time to judge, especially with so much stuff going on for you.

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Thank you for your time, in any case.
~Vae Victis!

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Fair enough. I can't say I disagree with that review XD
It'll certainly help me in my current project, Scarlet Skies. I'm simply TERRIBLE with time constraints.