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Polarity Battle: A Solid mini-project

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I was playing around with Key Input Processing, and my local friends wanted to make mini-projects one day and this is mine. What's the best way to explain it..?

You know how in Dragonball Z, two Kamehameha waves collide, and it's a power struggle to see who comes out on top? This mini-game puts you right in that situation. There are two difficulties and a tutorial. If you got like 10 minutes to kill, then feel free to give this micro-project a try~


Level 84
me want screenshots

is this the corrupted project? O_O

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Oh no, this is something entirely different. I can do screenshots, but hmm... honestly, there's little to snap. It's basically a mini-experience that uses the RM2k3 RTP with a few fireball sprites I found online. Because of that, it's a really small download =P

As for my true project, I can probably upload a demo, but I was banking on waiting until I gotten just a little further.