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[VX] Memory Leak Issues?

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I've never had any discernable issues related to memory leak or RAM with VX, but as I get closer to having a minimum viable product of my game finished, I'm starting to wonder about it. My game has a ton of parallax map and user-made resources, so memory leak would definitely be a problem down the road if the problem exists as I know it does with ACE and MV.

So my question is, does VX have the same problem and is there a script to fix it? I've searched the forum and online (VX's similarity in name to ACE makes searching for anything for just VX a pain in the ass), but I haven't found anything.

Sub question: Would it be possible to convert an ACE script (like Mogs) to work in VX, or are their methods too different (So far I've had no trouble converting ACE scripts to VX and vice versa, but this one might be different and I haven't yet taken a look at it).

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