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DIVIDED INFINITY [Playable Demo Released]

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Level 73
Original Soul


Divided Infinity is a story told from the perspective of the universe, it follows a dangerous common element throughout time, and shows what this has done to effect the lives of the people throughout history.
Three separate main casts of characters based in the past, present and future.
Plus other perspectives altogether, the progression system is built from the ground up specifically for Divided Infinity. The story is told freely without being bogged down by a restrictive progression system and vise-versa as the progression system titled (EASS) is built with the nature of the story in mind.
The gameplay uses a custom side-view battle system built around using various player built combos.
A story spanning many perspectives and areas of time, told before and after death.
it follows a common element throughout history and chronicles it's growth.
From the past, to the present, to the days of the distant future, many lives come to a close as this story marches ever onward.
Filled with themes of humanity, the story proudly where's that patch on its sleeve through and through, with all the good and the bad.

Sullan Miller

Spoiler for:
Sullan is a quiet boy that oftentimes gets lost in the mazes of his own mind, he thinks rather than speaks most of the time. He's not very liked by his peers for nothing other than his sheer silence and refusal to open up to those around him. Despite this, Sullan is very kind and polite to those around him when he is forced to speak up. Sullan is quite trained in the medical field, some saying because of his father's status as a surgeon, though he doesn't particularly even like medical work oddly enough. Sullan believes in a higher power of some kind and ponders it quite a bit, but doubts his beliefs as much as he holds them. Sullan has no held belief system but is always looking to learn of them, his sexuality is straight, but he learns towards the more a-sexual side.


Shella Sear

Spoiler for:
Shella lives and supports her younger brother by herself. She runs an Evening Cafe Diner called "Eclipse Cafe". Shella is quite headstrong but for good reason, she's quite capable. She's the "queen" of her drama club and an excellent actress. Shella is a firm Atheist and is openly bi-sexual.

Gerone Crator

Spoiler for:
Gerone Crator is a nerd, and he loves that shit. If anyone else doesn't love that shit he hits them. He was once bullied in high school until all the crap Gerone was talking about knowing Kung-fu turned out to be true. While obnoxious at times (most times) and ignorant to the bigger things in the world around him, he's a very loyal friend and if you can put up with his mouth and volume, he'll put up with you plus some. Gerone is of Agnostic belief and his sexuality is straight.

Nima Longshore

Spoiler for:
Nima is one of the four main characters in present day, she's very stern on some subjects an very easy going on others. She dates around a lot and often has bad times choosing good men. She enjoys karaoke, doodling and studying child psychology and early child development. Nima is of Christian belief and her sexuality is straight.


Spoiler for:
Rose is a young girl that is fascinated with stars. She claims to one day catch a star of her own. Rose is bright and over-energetic and dreams of becoming a famous singer one day. Rose will regularly sing by the beach on clear nights, but she's honestly not too good yet.

Atsu Aye

Spoiler for:
Atsu is a traveler that's looking for his run away sister, Emily. Atsu is very kind and understanding of other people, he very easily makes friends with most of the party


Spoiler for:
Soledad is a person only Sullan can see. The day his mother died, he began seeing Soledad and having regular conversations with her. Soledad's true purpose or origins are unknown. It is also unknown if she even exists outside of Sullan's head or not.

Spoiler for:

EASS: (Exocosm Anamnesis Shell System)
Individual characters themselves do not level up themselves or gain stats, instead this is done in the form of various "Shells".

Shells are a part of a universal inventory, so regardless of where the story jumps, which characters you control, or even what era of time you're in...the shells will always be with you, and your development of them will never halt. According to the lore, these Shells are formations of human memories that form after an individuals death. More insight into how new Shells are created will come at the end of the demo if you guys want to check that out! More shells will be acquired as the game progresses.
So how exactly does a Shell gain power? Well, when fought with in battle, the Shells gain Shell Points or SP.
Then you can begin learning the skills on each Shell's individual skill web.

Fill in all the skills and stat boosts on an Anamnesis Shell and it will become an Anamnesis Core. Let's get more into that.
Anamnesis Shells come from a person, they are formations of a deceased person's memory data -- more specifically their desire to be understood by others. Transforming a shell into a core renders this wish fulfilled. But you don't just complete the skill nodes on it's web.
Shell Stories
When a Shell becomes complete, its story is unlocked -- these are called "Shell Stories" You will play a whole scenario following the persons life up until their death. It can be of a life highlighting event, or even an overall life story. These Shell Stories have original writers, artists, self contained stories (sometimes) tying into the bigger picture, sometime not. These Shell Stories can also happen all throughout time and you may fall into any country, time, or persons life when starting one. Most have full dungeons, parties, and a whole unique story to complete.
Upon completing the Shell Story of the corresponding Shell it will become a core.
Cores have all their abilities powered up, the person with the core equipped will gain battle quotes from it's character and...keeping some cores on your field character may just lead to some present day resolution for its story. If you're in the right place that is. The full game has a total of 30 Shells.

Gameplay in Divided Infinity is done in the form of a custom side view battle system, with custom animations to fit inside of that. There are four person parties and members may be swapped out in real time.
Other skills will chain from regular attacks allowing combos to be formed up to the players choice.

Original Soundtrack
Complete with a large, original, heartfelt soundtrack to accompany its large story script. Divided Infinity draws the talent of three music Composers from the United States, Sweden and France into the mix.  Each delivering a piece to our score that only they could have.
"Christophe Blondel"
00 - The Starsea Of Infinity (Main Theme)
01 - The Lost Crow (Sullan's Theme)
02 - Soldiers Of Infinity (Normal Battle) ~Future~
03 - Cry Of Infinity (Normal Boss) ~Present~
04 - Encycle Freelands (Field #1)
05 - Stone Sunset (Cephas Town)

"Martin Barreby"
06 - Screams & Echoes
07 - Requiem Of The Wolves (Sullan Normal Battle)
08 - Lux Revelare (TA Boss)
09 - Heart Of Bronze (Serenity's Theme)
10 - Sunshade Village
"Real Faction"
11 - Angle Garden
12 - Bloody Violin (Normal Battle Serenity)
13 - Brilliant Orion
14 - The Courageous Deer

15 - Flamin' Toginye

Demo #1 - PROLOGUE II: The Anomaly

Demo #2 - PROLOGUE III: Absolute Point
This is a long three + hour demo and has sprite animations for battle needed before it can release.

Demo #3 - Curiosity Shell Story: Amity De Vier
Amity De Vier is a Shell story, it's roughly an hour and a half long, it will be released as a Shell Story demo.

Demo #4 (final): Verse I Full feature Demo
This is another long Demo, it will showcase everything in unison working, free use of Four Shells with stories attached, village customization, village heart system, will showcase the first "Anamnesis" Verse which will be common throughout the game and is a pretty well rounded showcasing of Divided Infinity.

Writer & Director: Jacob Caro
Character Designers: Melody Brown, Matthew Bradley, Mimimin
Music Composers: Christophe Blondel, Martin Barreby, Real Faction
Main Programmer: Galv
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Level 96
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I really like your art.

The Hero of Rhyme
Level 83
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I love the art, too! ;_; The maps certainly aren't bad, either. o.o

The thread is just a little bulky though and could use some spoilers, but the lovely pictures kept me motivated through the entire thread anyways! :gracie:
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Level 73
Original Soul
Ahh, spoiler tagged those screenshots. Apologies.
Anywho, it's a bit early.

But the first demo should be up in a few hours!
Hoping folks rip it apart so we can perfect it over here.

This will help us finalize the overall structure of the game on a deeper level than

Level 73
Original Soul
There's a collection of voiced scenes in the pipeline to release within the next week.
Following that a town demo. Lots of fully voiced scenes in that one that shows you how we make the towns work and unique conversations based on your selected field character.

It's a hefty task, but each NPC in the game is a full blown conversation, not one liner.
Even more so these are voiced and unique to your selected field character/party leader.

We're in the recording process for the conversations right now and I have a few more to write.
Expect the demo up shorty as all the artwork, town itself, and voices are cast.

Also here's a look at the final version of the Shell Equipping menu. This menu pops up everytime there's a party switch.
Also I suppose this confirms that by the end of the game each character can equip a total of Four Shells.
It makes for some pretty nifty Class/Style creation.

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