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Etude87's Menu Editor

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Etude87's Menu Editor
Version: 1.05
Author: etude87
Date: 17 November 2014

Version History

  • <Version 1.05> 2014.11.17 - menu actor window bugfix
  • <Version 1.04> 2014.07.21 - menu status window bugfix
  • <Version 1.00> 2014.07.17 - Original Release

Planned Future Versions

  • Nothing….


Generate your own custom menu scene!


  • Menu commands can be edited.
  • Menu actor status window can be edited.
  • Window position and size adjustable.
  • Gold window, Area name window, Time window can be added.
  • Background images can be added.
  • And so on.



1. Run Game.exe and edit menu scene.
2. Generate text file.
3. Copy&paste to your project's script editor.




  • etude87
  • etcholic(허걱) - InputEX+ script
  • Naver - NanumGothic font


  • 명란젓
  • 모쟁
  • 아카차차



Known Compatibility Issues

Do not use with other menu scene script.


This is a script generator. So there is no demo files.

Author's Notes

Please download 'english' version.

Terms of Use

Free to use(Comercial or not). Leave the credit if you want.
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I love this.

Thank you! ;~;
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That looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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didn't i post in this thread?
here have another post
you deserve more, but i can only give you one without it being spam