LootContainers v1.0a

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What the...?
By: Ixfuru

This script is creates a containers system, where the player can access gold, items, weapons and armor as well as store those items.

Spoiler for FEATURES:
-storage of items, weapons, armor and gold
-lockable/unlockable, locked containers don't show loot
-take all button can be used to take everything in the container at once
-unlimited amount of containers
-manifested treasure; random containers with random loot
-adds a new scene for the container
-a good number of script calls to use for checking the status of containers

Place the script above main and below materials in your project's script editor.
Follow the instructions to set up the containers.
Call the container scene with a script call from an event:

Code: [Select]
$scene = Scene_Container.new(container_id)

replacing 'container_id' with the ID you gave the specific container when you set it up.

Spoiler for SCREENSHOTS:

Spoiler for SCRIPT:

Spoiler for CREDITS:
Just credit me, Ixfuru, if you use the script in your commercial/non-commercial projects.  Don't claim you created it yourself.  And don't post it in other places without my permission.

This script does save a global variable $containers in your project.  This shouldn't be a problem.  But if at first you have issues, try moving the script in the script editor above/below other scripts who alias/overwrite the  save/load methods.  If you need help with this, let me know.  Because it aliases these methods, it may not work correctly in a previously started game.  You may have to add into a fresh playtest.  If you have a problem like this, or anything else, I'll try to assist you if you just post here with the issue.

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This is really cool. :o

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Really awesome script! Interface of the scene looks really clean as well. Too bad I can't use it because my project is on VXAce, but still, this is a really neat script you made  :)

Level 75
What the...?

I know.  I can't script Ace yet, so not a lot of folks use my scripts.  But hey maybe there's someone out there :)

And these screenshots are old.  You see how the one is locked, but you can see the word "empty" in the slots.  That was a mess up on my part.  And the new version,  the one you can download will not have that error in it.  That's the only thing I changed from 1.0 to 1.0a I think.

Anyway thanks to both of you for the feedback.