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Farmyard Chronicle, Director's Cut! [GIAW XIII]

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Farmyard Chronicle, Director's Cut!

Originally an entry in RMRK's "Game in a Week" challenge, this is the finished version of a fun little farm tale.  The original submission scored lowly due to a bug that made over 80% of the game inaccessible, including all kinds of nifty abilities and puzzles.  All of that has been fixed in this upload, and people have been having a positively entertaining time playing through it!

The story is simple.  Your sole objective is to return the lost farm animals to the barn! As you go, you'll gain magical powers, collect treasure, and ride in a mine-cart mini-game.

The adventure is also chock-full of creative challenges and secrets. It includes multiple endings, loads of optional content, and is surprisingly lengthy considering the time frame in which it was created. Overall, the game is very fun and cute, and likely to get a laugh or a smile out of any gamer.

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First off, I'm really excited.

Second, I'm sad because your pics aren't working. :-(

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Eh?  Just re-upped them.

Are they working yet????
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Seriously guys, PLAY THIS GAME. The gameplay is actually really fun and something you all should experience for yourselves. Especially if you like punting animals.

...Unless you're a member of PEDA. Then please go be purchasing the bleach and have drinking it all.
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Just to jump in and bump this... If you haven't played this game yet, you should!  It's really polished and fun, and has been getting great feedback on other sites!

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