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[Writing] "From The Lake" scrapped lyrics

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Huh... don't think I've ever posted a topic here.... this is weird...

For some reason people thought I should post these here. I guess it does make it easier to find them if you wanted for some reason. I also found a couple of other scraps that I didn't post before (the very last 2 sets). These are interesting as these were actually set to music and I was even preparing to have the vocalist record them right before life happened and the project was dropped indefinitely and now the song they were in to begin with isn't even being used. Furthermore, I feel like they're inferior to the rest - which honestly aren't too great anyway - so it's probably for the best they were dropped.

It's doubtful that I will ever use these lyrics again since they are somewhat... "topical", but there is still a remote chance! However, if you find use for them then by all means:

Spoiler for:
I have not made friends with death
I have not made death my friend
Better to make friends with my enemy
Better to make friends with this knife

The quay fades as the fog rolls in
At least it will hide our grief
Putting on a brave face
Is much easier when no one can see it

Steps turn to walking
Words into meaning
Ingredients for dinner
All the things we're learning

I look about
The man by the Lake
Stranger than strange
How is it he resists you?
Where does he find the strength to?

There are times I won't let the tears out
But this time I couldn't hold them back
They flowed all the way from Pinkerton
Back to this spot
Her grave

You link your fingers to make a step
Then we cross over the fence
Approaching uneasily
I stumbled, stumbled on a stone
Dusting off memories, memories of ghosts
Better days gone bye
When you told us we're moving I didn't believe it
Cause I was born in this house, and I thought I'd die
In it too

And I told you that I missed you
But it came out something cosmic
Pruning, preening
Maybe it's because
Your melody lacks coloratura

A man never knows he's guilty
Until he's forgiven
Familiar guilt, you will be my only child
My only child

I have a strange sense of subversion
I leave my guitar unattended in bars
Only to retrieve it later
Disappointed in my relief

Bullet in the side, what's a girl to do?
Hear the anguished cry
Drink of Earth's softest skin
What's a girl to do?

Flickering like an oil lamp, a figure at the foot of the bed
The color of space, the color of dread, ohh

Sat in the boat
Starting to shiver
We keep rowing
While muscles burn
Beneath my bandage
The tendons tender
But I will manage
Across the lake
Beyond the trees
He's expecting me
The daughter of a piano
Sister to late celesta

Out by the Lake
There's a man dancing under the red moonlight
He's calling me home to a place I don't know
He's calling me to join her soul
Out by the Lake
The Fat Man dances and smiles at me
While digging my grave

I put my ear to the floor of the black graveyard
To hear the voice of the gone dead love
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Thank you for your contribution, Sir! We appreciate it!

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That was enjoyable. The "The Fat Man dances and smiles at me while digging my grave" lyric was sincerely spine-tingling.

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I second what she said lol