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Perfect Stat Point Distribution System

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Perfect Stat Point Distribution System

This script has has been designed to "replicate" the world of online rpg games by giving you control over how your character progresses in terms of stats/parameters throughout gameplay.

This script is a highly dynamic & customisable stat point distribution system,
it not only provides you with a way to distribute stats, it actually gives you
new stats as well, vit/str/dex and mag are now the proud parents of all other
stats. And they are far superior...

Set which stats increase, how much it costs, does one stat make another stat go
down? is the luck gain for your characters going to be completely random ?

maybe you want to continue to gain params via the param curves in the database,
but you wish you could give your characters just that little bit more flexablity?


Dont want that much control? thats fine set the system to be as random as
you like.

It is HIGHLY advised you take a moment to look through the cusomisation options
to see if any apply to your current project. (they also change regularly)

- New Parent Stats that give you COMPLETE control over ALL other stats

- Use your new stats in skill formula's and even conditional branches

- OVER 170 customisation options, NOT including random gain feature(another 100+)

- Plug and Play ?  YES !


How to Use
Paste this script under "Materials" and above "Main" in your projects script editor.

Script/Add-ons -
The most up-to-date version of this script can be found by following the link below,
Any add-ons can also be found by following the link.


Credit and Thanks
- DekitaRPG.
- mobychan & Tsukihime - for helping me understand notetags a little better ^_^
- "Adrian Meza" for showing me how to add bonus level points.
- Niclas for showing me how to properly define "add_xparam"
- De Mack for showing me how to write a basic distribute parameters script.
- Yanfly for making me want to script to start with!

I will, for the forseeable future be updating this script on a regular basis,
If you like the script its best to keep up with the new features.


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Wow, this sounds like quite a comprehensive script.

The screenshots and download link were not working though, so I edited your post to fix them. Anyway, I think the design is quite pretty and it is definitely a script in high demand. Thank you for sharing!
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Love you. no homo. just like script good job. i will be using it for my new game!

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Seems really useful for just about any game, I think ill even use it. Another thing for Vlads abs to conflict with, lol...

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thanks, im currently updating the screen to look even more pretty ^_^ should have it updated fairly soon, heres a preview

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This one is pretty cool! Just one question: does it work on multiple resolutions? Thanks for the script!!  ;D

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That looks really beautiful! :D I'll try it out sometime when I have more time. I was waiting for a stat distribution script for Ace. ;)
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This one is pretty cool! Just one question: does it work on multiple resolutions? Thanks for the script!!  ;D

it depends on the actual resolution, i test it on the default and the max width, (640) and it works fine for me, obviously some names may need to be changed to fit the info boxes but that should be it ^_^

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Got it, thanks again. Can't wait for updates  :)

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I'm using this in the SAS IV ABS and it works like a charm. although it sort of slows down weapon speed quite abit, but I made up for it while I made a few test weps. Thanks for the script.

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Hey, I just found this god-like looking script, but can't even start it :/
I keep getting crash when I run the game before the main menu

Script 'vv' line 411: NameError occured.
uninitialized constant SPDS:: Text_Color

Now,I tried to thinker a bit around the issue and the 411 line but I just can't figure out why it wont work.
Any ideas?

And thanks for the epic script, even though I can't use it, the work put in is awesome!