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[Writing] After It All

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I <3 Green Day
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This is a short story That I wrote for another site called Sullen Riot. It's about Green Day but that is what that site is about so...
Tell me what you guys think kay?!
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It's a good year when you win an award and give a name to a beer. But you have to make up a sex position to complete it. That would be the Bullwinkle.
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Definitely better than Hitler.
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This was completely different than I was expecting lol ;o

I really liked it! I already told you what I thought about it though, and I'm not a writer so I can't really critique but I did notice some grammatical errors. Oh, you and your typos :P

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Yes. You have potential, and solidity. But the foremost thing I would say is that you have a long way to walk along the road of grammer and sentence structure. A long, long way.