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Social Status System Rm2k-2k3

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Note:this is my first Tutorial,don't run me too hard.

The Social Status System
What is the SSS?
The Social Status system is the system from the Assassin's creed series, modified and designed for Rm2k3,by me. This System was only tested in Rm2k-2k3. I do not know if this will work for XP or VX. Credit for this tutorial is not mandatory but will be appreciated.

What can the SSS do for you?
This system has so many uses that the only limitation is your imagination(or how long you want to spend on it :lol:)

The Requirements
This will be decided on your game. But the basic use is for large towns/cities where guards patrol your Town/City. The code can be edited to fit any stealth need,but for this tutorial I will use the basic system.
--Basic system Requirements--
One common event
One Variable
Three four Switches

Many events on your map you can interact with

The actual SSS code (note:this is written in RM2k Code)
Name your Common event:Social System
Event start condition: parallel process
Code: [Select]
<>FORK optn:[####Switch SSS ON
           <>Fork opin: Varabl[####Social Status]-0
             <>Show picture: #,PicNameunknown [#-#]
             <> Switch opp:Unknown-ON
               :ELSE CASE
                <>FORK opin: Varabl[####Social Status]-1
                 <>Show picture: #,PicNameSupicus [#-#]
                 <> Switch opp: Strange behavor-ON
                 <> Unknown OFF
                    :ELSE CASE
                     <>FORK opin: Varabl[####Social Satus-2
                       <>Show picture: #,PicNameKnown [#-#]
                       <>Switch opp: Known-ON
                       <>Strange Behavior-OFF
                       END CASE
                 :END CASE
           :END CASE
       :END CASE

What the cede does:
First Fork:Checks for a switch that you define. This is so you don't see the pictures during cuts (or whenever you don't want it.)
Second Fork:Checks if Variable Social Status is 0,for Unknown status.
Show picture: displays the picture that signals you are unknown.the first # means what picture (number) Second # #. The position of the picture.
Switch opp:turns on unknown status
Third FORK checks if social status equals 1 for Strange activity
Show picture:displays the picture for strange activity.
Switch opp:turns on strange activity,turns off unknown
Fourth FORK Checks if variable equals 2 for known
Show picture:Shows picture for known
switch opp:turns on know,turns off strange behavior.

I won't post event on your maps,that is your area!
Ending notes
You can take away the switches and only put variable conditions on your events.
It is less secure,but less code.

Look for the Social status system in my new Demo:The Drive Chronicles: demon drive!