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Hello all,

So I am trying to make an in game puzzle with events.
Here is the (in game) description of the puzzle. There is 3 holes in the ground and the player cannot pass over them, if the player heads to the second floor he will see 3 snowballs and 3 more holes. The player needs to push those snowballs into the 3 holes (1 snowball per hole) in the ground so they fall into the first floor's holes and fill them up so the player can now cross the room on the first floor and keep going with the game.

I am not entirely sure how to go about this. My first guess was using variables but I am not sure how to pull this off. It doesn't matter which snowball is put in which hole in whatever order but only one snowball can fall into each hole.
-The snowballs are already evented to move in the direction the player is pushing in using the action button.
- Some trouble I'm having is how do I get the snowball event to react with the hole event without the player triggering the hole event by touching it.
- When the snowball hits the hole the snowball event should disappear and then the corresponding hole on the floor below will then be filled (using another event but this can easily be done with switches/ variables. )

Help with getting the snowball into the hole will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advanced.

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I'm assuming you know something about eventing.
First check this: http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,42106.0.html
use the switches to control your 1st floor hole event instead of controlling the chest

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Thanks! This helped a lot and I got the puzzle all worked out. Now I have some ideas for some new ones too ;)