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Updating The Game

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just woundering , is it possible to update the game after relesing it ?
like if i relesed my game and after a month i need to fix them , is there a way to do a quick file to fix those stuff instead of relesing the whole game again

sorry if i write it wrong :S

and if i can how ?


Level 90
ok what u do is make the game right then name it the same thing has the relesed one so when they copy it or install it it will say it already exsists would u like to overright it all they have to do is say yes and your done new version availabel.
Yay i got a zoo sort of

Well a more complicated, yet efficient way would be to just go in your game folder and copy all the files that you edited into a zip and then distribute it.

But that's if you can remember all the changes made...