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[Writing] This Dark Bramble ~ Skits & Giggles ~

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Wow, it's been a long while since I've been on the forum!
Hello any and all viewing, it's been good to pop on over.  :V

So... My bestie Ray and I were playing around a couple of months ago with a series of characters and events, building and creating for a brand new RP or full-fledged novel dubbed This Dark Bramble. It just so happens that my current fanfic/story I've been working on solo on my own forum, Duel For Domination, has actually been given the green light to host, and therefore actually DEBUT, these said conjured ideas between Ray and me.
And then I thought, hey, wouldn't it be FUN to share the skits I wrote in my texts to Ray about our characters and their interactions?

So, I'mma do that!
Just for skits and giggles. ;]
(Get used to the puns, Ray's character will be known to do that a plenty! lol)

Oh, and just for a quick tip here:
Rei - a magician
Layla - an alchemist
Zosimos - a homunculus (a very moody one at that!)
Might be good to know before we begin! ;]


[SKIT 1 - Start!]

The three of them sat at a round table inside the belly of a bar. They had just been visited by a waitress and food was on its way. They spoke quietly amongst themselves, all the while keeping watchful eyes on all entrances and exits, on all people coming and going, whether they were staggering from the alcohol or not. They had to stay low for awhile. At least this was the perfect place to blend - to blend in the crowd, the joyful bellows of people all around them, and the smoke that wafted from cigars gave a nice patch of gray to hide in.

Zosimos sighed now, growing tired of 'lay low' chatter and impatient for the (extra) rare steak he ordered.
"Ugh... Can't wait to be past {Gluttony}. I feel like eating everything--"
"And probably everyone!", Rei chimes in.
Zos growled. "And everyone, starting with YOU. But L-a-y-l-a won't let me do anything. Ugh! Dammit! Where the hell is that--!"
"Calm down, they're working on it", Layla interrupts with an even tone, reaching over to grasp Zosimos by the wrist, yet never taking her eyes off the crowd even as she patted his hand to encourage exacting patience. "You're doing quite well considering. Just breathe. And lower your voice a little, we don't want people to notice us - there are WANTED posters everywhere."
Zosimos grit his teeth, and then just sealed his eyes as he tried to breathe in and out slowly, the gnawing and insatiable hunger testing him without respite.

They spoke more quietly until the waitress returned, with food in hand. As impatient as Zos was, both Layla and Rei couldn't deny that their stomachs were burning a hole through them after the traveling that day.
Of course, it wasn't Layla and Rei that made the waitress nervous enough to quickly scurry away with a completely voracious gleam of the eyes.

Rei and Layla exchanged sighs as they watched Zosimos tear into the juicy meat with his fangs, almost animal-like. And it was all they could do but watch until every bite was gone, which was maybe twenty seconds if you timed it due to the fact that Zos simply didn't seem to chew much during his {Gluttony} phase.

Zosimos swallowed roughly, closed his eyes, and licked his lips.
"Sated yet or do you need more?", Rei asked.
Zos' eyes flew open, arcane-pink stare on the magician. A toothy grin appeared.
"Offering yourself? How sweet."
Rei just quickly fished through his pockets for a couple of red stones, then extended his palm out to the Homunculus.
"Not exactly - Here. Figured you could use a double dose to take the edge off. You've been pretty unsatisfied for awhile now, and I honestly don't envy what you're going through."

Zos' eyes widened now suddenly.
{Envy} - What an interesting word.

The Homunculus slowly took the red stones from Rei, then looked them over in the light a moment before practically throwing them into the back of his throat.
Rei smiled as Zos gulped them down. He hoped it would help soothe and numb the beast for awhile.

Then, a heavily drunken man staggered over to their table, immediately catching Layla by the hand.
"Hey, you're a purty one! How 'bout a dance, and I'll buy you a drink!"
Layla's gaze of evergreen frost set on him fast, about to snatch away and deliver him a swift slap, but Zosimos was on the man before she or Rei could make a move.
The Homunculus' torso was stretched across the table, with one hand wrapped tightly around the man's neck and the other balled as a fist, hovering threateningly in front of this guy's face.

Layla and Rei instantly reached for Zosimos, taking him by the arms - although they couldn't budge him.
"Hey! Take it easy, Zos!", Rei exclaimed.
"Zosi, hey, listen, it's ok!", Layla told him, placing a hand now over his chest. "What's gotten into you? This guy is just in a drunken stupor, it makes people stupid. Sure, he was being a jerk, but you don't have to--"
"Layla doesn't need anything from you... NOTHING!", Zosimos then growls, slit pupils piercing the eyes of the now frightened man. "Now back the fuck off...before I break your face!"

Zosimos shoved the man away hard, causing the drunken idiot to turn and bound over another table. The crowd quieted, and Rei immediately blinked forward, waving his arms, then nervously laughed.
"Wh-hoa-hoa!! What a coward! Just turned tail, ran, and fell over! That guy must be waaaaasted!!"
The crowd busted back into laughter, some pointing at the unconscious drunk, and returning to their loud socializing.
Rei flopped his arms down with a sigh of relief. "Phew... That was close..."

"Zosimos, why did you do that??"
Rei turned to Layla and Zosimos, the woman looking up at the Homunculus that was now just intentionally looking off away from her with his arms crossed.
"He looked at you funny is all... And I didn't like it. So what? Shut up!"
Layla recoiled a bit, now slowly sitting back down in her chair as she continued to gawk at him with surprise.
Rei then smiled, a smile not so different from the one Zosimos gave him only moments before.
"Oh! Oh! You got to be kidding me! YOU'RE JEALOUS!"
Layla and Zosimos turned to him, both equally shocked.
Rei laughed. "I guess this train stopped at {Envy} Station! All aboard! Woo-woo!!"
Zos felt his face flush a bit.
"Jealous? What? For Layla's attention? PUH-leeeeeeeeeeease!! Give me a break, magic-boy, but I don't buy that!"
Layla smiled.
"If it makes you feel any better, I would've told that guy to get lost myself."


Level 44
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[SKIT 2 - Start!]
+During {Envy}

The three of them walked the long hall toward their inn rooms, following the red patterned carpet as they glanced every now and again at their reflections nearby on the gray stone walls.
Pretty upscale place, but as Layla often reminded them she had deep pockets to afford it. Rei guessed she really liked having a few room services, including having a warm bath drawn for her so she could soak her tired feet after wearing her high-heeled boots all day long. And Zosimos had no complaints, as he digged having food brought directly up to the room without him having to leave the comfort of his bed. Helped satisfy the {Envy} by getting what he wanted.

They stopped eventually mid-hall outside two rooms listed as 206 and 207, and Layla proceeded to step towards 206 to retire for the evening. She reached the handle before turning to the two young men momentarily.
"Well, this is it - Room 206. Goodnight boys, I'll see you two bright and early in the morning!"
"Goodnight Layla!", Rei said, approaching the door of 207. "Sleep tight! Sweet drea--"

"Whoa, wait up. I don't think so."

Layla and Rei turned to Zosimos, whom stood there with his arms crossed and boot tapping. "So, Layla gets her own room, but we don't? Pretty cheap if you ask me!"
Rei blinked.
"You know there are two beds, right? Layla isn't so cruel to make us share a bed. Really. I don't mind a roommate. We can order anything you want, my treat!"
"You can't be serious...", Zosimos huffs, eyes squinting with all his disapproval. "I'd probably snap and kill you within the first hour."

Rei looked almost hurt.

Layla made an exasperated sigh at them.
"You can't coexist for even one night? I already paid the man at the front desk, and I'm too tired to go back down there for another room. You'll just have to share."
Zosimos smirked.
"Then I'm bunking with you, L-a-y-l-a! And before you object, just remember that Rei's life is in your hands if you make us be buddies."
She rolled her eyes, opening her door wide as she looked at Rei.
"I guess you have the room to yourself", she said, now turning to Zos. "C'mon then. And you better stay on your side tonight - I'm warning you."
The Homunculus flashed her a grin.
"I wouldn't dream of crossing the invisible line - You have my word!"

Rei didn't looked convinced of this promise as he entered his now private quarters.

- 206 -

"Your bath is ready, Madame."
"Thank you so much! I appreciate you."

Layla passed the maid a generous tip and closed the door behind her, then turned to the expanse of the room to face her companion, whom was sprawled out on the bed as he flipped through pages of artistry that was similar to a modern day magazine offered by the inn. "Ok, I'm going to go take my bath now - don't need me."
Zosimos hummed to acknowledge her despite being glued to the pictures as Layla proceeded past the end of the bed towards her waiting paradise in the next room.

As she slipped into the tub behind the locked door nearby, Zosimos continued to flip through pages upon pages of masterfully drawn art, all depicting humans involved: some at the park, some walking in a crowd on a busy street in the rain, some playing with shorter, four-legged mammals with long tails and wet noses, and some--
Zosimos stopped on a particular page, raising his body up into a sitting position to lean closer with utmost intrigue. The page depicted a detailing of two people, their arms wrapped around one another, their faces in close to the point of touching lips, their eyes sealed, together in the perfect stillness of charcoal. The Homunculus stared until the point he could have sworn they were moving, and then he looked up slowly as a flutter of something was felt in his chest.
He gasped quietly. A realization hitting him.

She let out a long, slow, quiet sigh as she dipped her head back against the edge of the bathtub, just letting her hair hang over the side as the lightly steaming water surrounded her weary body in its warmth. She closed her eyes, blotted out all thoughts, and let herself simply be in this moment, her quiet breathing the only sound. She couldn't tell how long she had been this way when she finally open her eyes and reached over for a cloth and scented soap to begin gently washing the day off.

Just as the water had collected a film of white and bubbles over the surface, the locked door came flying open from a sudden front kick that nearly knocked it off its hinges!
"Layla! I need you!", Zosimos exclaims, to which a shrill scream answered him immediately.

The Homunculus stood there now in the open doorway, staring at Layla blankly, her face blush red despite being mostly hidden by her makeshift camouflage of bubbles. He ignored her, as he often did, and threw his arm outstretched with the page of the couple together in his hand.
"THIS - What is this?", Zosimos asks, pushing forward. "What are they doing? They don't seem to be squeezing each other tight enough to gush out any blood, and their mouths are not quite in position for biting at one another, so... It all looks to be on purpose, right? What are they feeling?? Why do they do this??"
At this, Layla looked almost horrified as she grabbed a nearby towel, wrapped herself in it, and stood there in her perfectly ruined bath.
"Are you serious? THIS couldn't have waited?!", she snapped, then calmed more as she looked at his quizzical expression. "Oh, for the love of--It's a KISS, Zosimos, they're sharing a kiss. They are simply a couple in love, and they look quite happy about it. How a great and powerful Homunculus doesn't know such a basic thing as that is BEYOND me, but ok! And why did you have to know right THIS moment?"
"Because...", Zosimos started, looking into her icy set now, feeling his hand begin to tremble slightly, crumpling the page a bit, "...I think I want to try it!"

There was a moment of silence between the two.
Albeit briefly.

Layla raised a brow, giving him a look now that clearly expressed Not on me, you're not.
"W-What?", she spurted, and hardly a real question.
"Please, Layla, teach me how, pretty please! I'll do anything! You share all your tricks with Magic Rei and he never even has to ask OR pay you back! I promise to behave, I swear it even!!"
"Forget it!", Layla shrieks. "Don't think that I forgot about your little episode at the bar, how jealous you were that some drunk stranger wanted to dance with me! You just want me to KISS YOU, and you're too much of a coward to outright ask me if you can kiss me back!"
Zosimos recoiled a moment.
"So... Is that a no?"

Zosimos now turned and started for the inn door.
"Well, FINE! I'll get the magician's help - you're not the only one with lips, sweetheart!!"
Layla began to roll her eyes at this, but gasped instead when she heard the real message in his words.
"Oh, no... He can't be-- REI!!"

_ _ _

Zosimos, now standing in front of Room 207, started banging on the door with a balled fist.
"Yo, Magic-Boy! Dammit, Rei, open the door already!"
There was a distinct clicking as the door unlocked quickly and out sprang Rei, in his striped pj's already, wearing a frantic face.
"What?! What's happening, Zos?! Did the military find us?!"
The Homunculus shook his head with a sigh.
"If only that were the problem, but no. I need you!"
Rei blinked.
"Is this a dream or did you just say you needed me? ME? Not Layla?? And I'm flattered you asked, but with what exactly?"

Just then Layla came out of Room 206, nearly sliding from her still damp feet. Rei looked over at her, seeing the towel around her, and then nodded back to Zosimos. "Ah. Pissed off Layla, right? You jump in the tub with her or something?? No wonder sh'es kicking you out. Not sure I can really save you here, pal - Dat alchemy!"
Zosimos threw his arms up now.
"Shut up and listen already! Layla's not throwing me out because of some stupid bath, she's just being mean because she's jealous that I decided to ask you for help over her for once!"
Layla's jaw dropped at this.
"What?! But you said--Hey! Now you're just making shit up because you got rejected and--"
"Ohhhhhh, I see!", Rei answered, plowing over her with a prideful smile. "So, you finally decided to ask the King of Thorns at last! Now... What's the help?"
"But Rei--"
Zosimos shoved the page in his hand in Rei's face, proclaiming now, "You're going to teach me how to do THIS! Pucker up, Magician - I learn best by experience!"

Before Rei even knew what was happening, and Layla widening her eyes in horror, Zosimos had dipped the young dark lord back while planting a big smooch right on him.
"MMMPH!", Rei protested, eyes wide, hands grasping the Homunculus now by the arms in a desperate attempt to push him away. But even parting his lips just enough to make muffled screams was a bad idea, as Zosimos just proceeded to French Rei, long snake-like tongue slipping behind the teeth to caress the inside of his cheek, clearly experimenting far beyond the original parameters of the picture that inspired him. "Zrrrrros! Mmmmph!! STAHP!!"
Zosimos merely hummed at the futile attempt to speak, now closing his arcane eyes to go a little deeper, hoping to feel something new he hadn't previously before.
Layla waved her hands frantically at her wide-eyed friend.
"Rei! Go limp! LIMP I SAY!!"
He looked at her like she was crazy. "Trust me! Just do it!!"

With really no other options, Rei allowed himself to become as limp as a ragdoll, hanging their in the Homunculus' arms as if he were lifeless.
Zosimos, as if on cue, finally withdrew his lips from Rei and continued to hold the male there in his long arms momentarily as he assessed how he felt now.
Which was a big disappointment.
"Hey, I don't feel anything - Nothing at all!", Zosimos growls, now shaking Rei vigorously. "You're terrible at this! Remind me to never ask you for anything ever again - most of all trying to make Layla jealous!"
Layla pursed her lips.
"Really? You got to be kidding..."
Rei made no movement, eyes stricken with fear, in a comatose.
Zosimos then let go, dropping Rei in the floor with a loud thud.
"Hmmph! USELESS!"


Spoiler for:
Hahahaha! XD
I always find this so damn funny! I enjoyed writing these both!
And hopefully more to come! ^^