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Game crash when switching actors in status menu

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When using this plugin and hovering over one of the new pages, switching completely crashes the game with "cannot read property 'length' of undefined". I've tested with a clean project and it is not a conflict with anything, it seems to be a conflict with this (which it cannot run without, period) if it's a conflict at all. Unfortunately, I don't have a Patreon so I can't report this bug, and I'm pretty sure though I'm sure I'm the only one because otherwise this would be fixed by now...

EDIT: The line apparently at fault reads:
Code: [Select]
return this._actor.actor().customStatusMenuPagesData[pageKey].length;
Below is a screenshot of the console and the contents of the lines it points to:

EDIT2: Removing the ".length" on that line fixes the crash, but the text doesn't display.

Someone else had a similar problem back in August. They supposedly reported it but Yanfly never responded.

So yeah, this plugin's a lost cause. No one use this plugin!
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