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Why isn't my boss dying?

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I've set up a boss to trigger an event when it dies, during which it actually dies, but the game is refusing to kill it mid-event, it only dies at the end. Can this even be done? Is there a script call I can use to force the enemy to die instantly?

EDIT: To clarify, removing every event command under the command to kill the boss doesn't work, so it's something under the boss effect. But nothing, I repeat, nothing is changing in between attempts.

I have Yanfly's battle core if it helps any.

Also, when the boss dies, these two pillars are supposed to appear for the cutscene, but they're not appearing either. This suggests something is completely hardlocking the state of the enemy lineup, but deleting random event commands isn't doing anything...

Console isn't showing anything either.

Should I post a picture of the event in question so you guys can replicate it for yourselves? Be warned that I've barely started the game and everything is very placeholderey

EDITwhatever: Picture of the events
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