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Help for sort variable

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Hello, saddened for my English but me am French. I wanted to know if there would be possibility of changing this command(order) script of VX Ace for RMMV.
Code: [Select]
@tableau = []
@tableau.sort! {|a, b| $game_variables[b] <=> $game_variables[a]}
$game_variables[83] = $game_variables[@tableau[0]]
$game_variables[84] = $game_variables[@tableau[1]]
$game_variables[85] = $game_variables[@tableau[2]]
$game_variables[86] = $game_variables[@tableau[3]]
$game_variables[87] = $game_variables[@tableau[4]]
$game_variables[88] = $game_variables[@tableau[5]]
$game_variables[89] = $game_variables[@tableau[6]]
$game_variables[90] = @tableau[0]
$game_variables[91] = @tableau[1]
$game_variables[92] = @tableau[2]
$game_variables[93] = @tableau[3]
$game_variables[94] = @tableau[4]
$game_variables[95] = @tableau[5]
$game_variables[96] = @tableau[6]
@tableau = nil

Thank you.