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DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings Compatibility

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*      v1.00a(GMT 0400 21-8-2016):                                           
 *      1. 1st version of this plugin finished                               



Fixes DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings compatibility issues

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Addressed Plugins
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*    # DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core:                                   
 *      1. Actor ATB bars aren't drawn properly on the status window when the
 *         value of optDisplayTp's different from that in the system setting 
 *         - Reference tag: PATB optDisplayTp                                 
 *         - Rewritten Window_BattleStatus.prototype.patb_gauge_area_width and
 *           Window_BattleStatus.prototype.refresh_patb_bars                 

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Terms Of Use
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*      1. Commercial use's always allowed and crediting me's always optional.
 *      2. You shall keep this plugin's Plugin Info part's contents intact.   
 *      3. You shalln't claim that this plugin's written by anyone other than
 *         DoubleX or my aliases. I always reserve the right to deny you from
 *         using any of my plugins anymore if you've violated this.           
 *      4. CC BY 4.0, except those conflicting with any of the above, applies
 *         to this plugin, unless you've my permissions not needing follow so.
 *      5. I always reserve the right to deny you from using this plugin     
 *         anymore if you've violated any of the above.