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[FULL] Wartools [2k3]

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When I tried to post this into the "New Project" section there was always this error message (... either missing or off limits to you). So I put it in here. Perhaps when it's approved by a mod or whatever it could be moved. I dunno...
Well, anyway:

This is a slightly enhanced and fully translated version of a very early game I made back in 2009. At the time it was meant to be a minor project beside another one. Long story short, the main project has been canceled and this one took it's place! :D

It's the year 3097. A dreadful war between the humans and a strange alien race has raged for nearly three decades. With reasons largely forgotten, hatred and greed keep pushing the bloodshed ahead.
To fill in the countless losses and calm the public discontent the government resorts to artifically bred Human-Alien-Hybrids. Cheap yet efficient warriors to turn tables in humanitys everlasting struggle for intergalactic dominance.
You take the role of one of those hybrids and learn first-hand what the war means for you and your kind.

The game is divided into larger shooting and story parts. Still it's a very story-driven game but I tried to keep larger conversations out of the shooting segments.
There is a lot of experimental stuff as well, like an ego shooter part but nothing too complicated.


Spoiler for:

Closing remarks
Even though this one has a few years under its belt, I hope it still entertains. Perhaps even invites some players to reflect a little.
Have fun! ;)

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Nice style.