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Falcao Pearl ABS: sneaking

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Hello everyone.

I am a big fan of ABS systems, and am currently using Falcao's Pearl ABS for my new game. For those who haven't used this ABS system in a while, here is a short recap of how enemies are made:
Spoiler for Pearl ABS, creating enemies:
  • Make an enemy in the database
  • Make an event where you want the enemy on the map
  • Change the name of the event to <enemy: X>, where X is the ID in the database
  • In the database you can set a sensor range
  • When the player comes within the sensor range (for example within 6 tiles of the event) self-switch B is triggered
  • If self-switch B is on the enemy will attack, skills/weapons can be used by script calls in a custom move route on this page

Now, my character has just escaped a prison cell, and needs to sneak by guards patrolling. With the way pearl ABS works, enemies will normally attack as soon as they come into sensor range, but I want the guards to only attack if they can see the player. Meaning ALL guards on this specific map should enter their combat state if all of the following are true:

  • Player is inside of the sensor range of any of the guards
  • This guard is facing in the direction of the player
  • There is no cover between the player and this guard (any object other than the floor, I am okay with making an event in every location that is considered cover)

So far I have not been able to find a way to do this, does anyone have any suggestions?

Update: Using the move route and switches I have been able to trigger a game-over event when the player comes within 4 tiles of a guard. Now my problem is: how do I create line of sight in this case?
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You can seek for a very simple detection system and create a Switch that will be eventually activated as soon as the player gets discovered. Now, instead of setting the second page on the enemies event with Self switch B, set them to the switch that will be activated as soon as the player gets discovered.

Now, on the second page, change the "Custom move route" to approach, so when the player gets discovered, that switch activates the enemies to attack and they automatically seek him with the "approach" option aggresively so to speak.

I'm studying the same battle system, which I believe it's the best so far, you just need to modify it as you please to make it a bit more realistic. What I don't know, is if you change the "Custom move route" to "approach" the enemy will become useless, since I believe that's what gives the enemy weapons, armors and movement!