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Event Editor Window Glitch

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Having a weird bug when you open a new or existing event. Here's an image of the glitch and no glitch.

If you didn't immediately recognize it, all the conditions are now filled in. They aren't clicked on, but this is still not the way it's intended. Also, when you open an Event Command window, you can still Click the OK, Cancel, and Apply buttons of the New Event window underneath it. Don't think I've ever been able to do that before.

Either way, it's not gamebreaking, at least I hope it doesn't cause an issue in the future, just worrisome.

When I start a new project, the first event window I open up is fine, after that, bugged.
If I open up my project on a different computer, no issues whatsoever.

The only thing I've done differently was install a new graphics card. Later that evening when I opened my project, I notice the glitch.

Has anyone seen this issue before or know of a solution?