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Problem with text layout + Problem with font ?

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anger opossom
alright, so, I've got two problems going on that I can't seem to fiddle with enough to make em any kind of fixed.

the first issue i have is the way my text lays out in the message window. i've got ATS face options installed (as well as ats message options + ats special messaging, if it helps,) and i use big faces as opposed to lil ones. the only problem is, the face i'm using is a bird with a long beak. i want the text to slot underneath his beak and beside his belly, but because the face imagine is *technically* as long as his beak is, the text ends up on the very right hand side of the message and looks dumb. how can i reposition my text so it slides in under his beak; or will i have to edit the image (again,, wehh)

Spoiler for "message layout image":

(ignore the graphics tho i haven't finished the tiles and characters yet orz

the second issue
i've got is that my font changing piece of script in "main" only seems to be applying to some of the font and not the rest -- is there something else i need to edit? obviously from the screenshot above you can see what i changed my font to; but in this screenshot (battle log) it just goes straight back to the default
Spoiler for "font not changing image":

(again ignore the graphics this is such a wip)
Code: [Select]
Font.default_name = ["Pixel Arial 11"]
Font.default_size = 22
Font.default_outline = false
^^ that's all i've got in main: do i need to chuck it somewhere else for it to apply everywhere?

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