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Separated MV .js Functions

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Those who might be looking to scripting for MV might realise that the javascript files like rpg_object.js or rpg_manager.js are sometimes just 1000s of lines of functions and that they can be a little annoying to have sift through to find whatever functions it is that you want to work with.

I've taken the liberty to separate these out into smaller .js files. You won't use these in MV itself, but if you wanted to look up the relevant prototypes and whatnot for the Game_Enemy function you can just open up game_enemy.js in the objects folder and get to looking at only that function. Same thing for other functions like bitmap, window_options and such.

I haven't split the libs scripts (pixi, lz_string or fpsmeter).

This can be found in the attachment. If I seem to have missed anything, just let me know.

I find that these are quite useful in a text editor like Notepad++ (free and handles JS just fine) or Sublime Text (not free unless you like constant purchase reminders) as you can build up a project or workspace and have all of the .js files available quite handily, and split windows are a great bonus.

If any tips are needed for setting those up are wanted, I can add in a couple of tutorials for doing this (for npp or Sublime; other editors you are on your own).
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Pinned for usefulness. Great work as always, Logan. :D

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I appreciate you. You're doing beautiful, and you are beautiful.
I love you.