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[VX]Problem with Zeriab Caterpillar Script

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Hello everyone!
Now i have a new problem... im using VX

I'm using this script. http://rmrk.net/index.php?topic=35167.0
Everything works perfect, but when I save the game, and then load the game, the events(caterpillar) are static and do not follow me.
The problem happens only when I load the game. I tried to fix it with an engine, but could not.
If you download the DEMO and save and load the game, you can see the problem.

Hope you can help me. Thank you very much in advance .

Cya later, KriZ
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Then try my caterpillar.  Its core is based on Zeriabs, which did have a few bugs.  Its in the "Collection" in the XP scripts database.  The "Collection" also has a few thousand (literally) more features for you to play with too...
Heretic's Vehicles XP (Boat and Magic Carpet)

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thx for your help, buy im using VX, not xp.


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Sorry for this double post...
I found the solution myself , again ...

This is the solution:

- You have to press F11(script editor) and go to "scenes", then "Scene_File".
- Go to the line 195 and paste this
$game_switches[23] = true

So, when you execute load, automaticly the switch 23 turn on, and the events (caterpillar) follow you again. (the DEMO used the switch 23)

If someone use this caterplillar script on VX, this will be a truly helpful solution to this bug.

Cya later


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If you do have an issue with a specific script next time you CAN post in the thread. Zeriab is usually pretty good about checking his posts when they're replied to and is always glad to help. Glad you got it figured out!

If it's alright with you I think I'll merge this into that thread so if someone else has the same situation they'll see it right there in Z's thread.