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[RMXP] Event issue, custom door

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Okay, so I've just started using RMXP and I'm using a custom tileset to make a scifi RPG (since the tilesets that come with RMXP are generic fantasy), and I can't seem to get the door event to work properly.  When I try to select the door from the tileset for the event graphic, it only selects a single tile (the door is four tiles big), so when I get into the game, there's 1/4 of a door stuck on the wall that does nothing.  I tried importing just the door into materials to use it that way, but the same thing happens. 

I've tried looking through tutorials, but no one has addressed this kind of issue.  Any advice?


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Make the door a charset. I can do it for you if you post the door and any "opening" sprites that it has.

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I think I'd tried that, but I may have done it wrong.  I've attached the door and its opening images, and thanks for your help!