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Project of the Month winner for October 2009

Based on an alternate universe of the Metal Gear Solid series created by Hideo Kojima. Features gameplay similar to Metal Gear Solid 2

Developers:   Johnathan Preciado
Writers:        Johnathan Preciado
Artist:          Shock Troopers
                       Johnathan Preciado

Soundtrack:   Rich Douglas
Platform: PC, RPG MAKER XP
Release Date: TBA
Genres: Stealth / Action / Rpg
Mode: Single-Player and Simulated Multiplayer


Spoiler for:
AT 1300 hours, Wednesday, an unidentified group broke into the Benchez Defence Lab. Stole data from servers and a top secret experimental weapon.
Our scanner picked them up again on unmarked helicopters heading to the island of Bourdough. 
A small island near the equator with war tension. Currently under siege by a hired militia.

At 1400 hours the white house received a call. The group calls themselves..RAIS. 

short for "Return As It Should" A group of  hired guns planning to destroy the world from the inside out. They wish to return the world to a simple state relying on the

destruction through nuclear war if necessary. They strive to make it the death of the dollar. Killing millions of innocent lives to start over our very way of live.

 They gave us one option A single demand. To shut down the treasuries or they will attack with a nuclear weapon

This is a Singe Occupancy stealth mission.
You have 2 mission objectives
One: rendezvous with the Delta Force Agent disguised as the island militia, Tracy Jones.
He has the Intel needed of the ones behind this.

Two: Find out if they have the ability to launch a nuke and stop them at all cost if they do.


Spoiler for:
Adriana Grace
Alias: Ace
A.K.A.: The Underdog of Vinceton
Mission Codename: Snake

Raised as a child guerrilla fighter. Defeated a Govt false flag attack on her hometown and saved the lives of many after forming an alliance with a group of misfits.
The incident was her first real combat. Took charge and kept her allies one step ahead of the attacks. The results where covered up by media. Looked upon as a legend of the

area. Earning the alias "Underdog of Vinceton" Immediately disappeared with her team and went under radar. Used their skills as bounty hunters before the group dispersed separate ways.

more to come

Spoiler for:
Modern Day War and new life are the theme behind this game. A view on the most influential powerful minds.


Despite being a 2d game, MGS:IO is similar to Metal Gear Solid 2.

Spoiler for:
-Deep story driven Campaign Mode.

Particle Animation System
-Smooth Particle Animations.

Customize Character Outfit
-Multiple outfits
-Multiple Mask

Advanced Shooting System.
- Customizable weapons.
-Breakable Suppressors.
-Create a custom class of Primary, Secondary, and 2 Support Weapons
-Random Critical Hit Chance (headshot/autokill) Based on weapon stats and Actions being Performed
-If 1 tile away from enemy. 100% headshot
-Tranquilizer weapons that can put opponent to sleep.
-Screen pans in direction you are facing when aiming weapon.
-Enemies that can be held up by gunpoint
-Splash Damage on throw able weapons (grenades).
-Adjustable distance for throwing weapons
-Grenades can bounce off wall

Combat Cover System
-Take cover on the edge of walls
-50% less chance of being shot
-Can pop out for shots on reduced chance of being shot.

Close Quarters Combat.
-Useful in close quarters.
- Knock enemies down for a follow up attack
-Can slam enemy to the floor; stuns after 2 slams.
-Can knock enemies over with the evasive roll move.
-Roll attack then headshot while on floor

Stealth System
-multiple paths to objective
-running makes noise
-each enemy has a hearing splash area.
-Enemies use walkie talkie to enter alert mode.
-Can lean against the wall and pan the screen to see further
-Can knock on wall to attract enemy
-lasers, cameras, motion detectors
-Can hide in tall grass to lower enemy vision
-Can duck behind low cover
-Can hang over rails
-Hide in lockers
-Strike Teams (reinforcements) with body armor and riot shields
-Riot shields shatter after repeated fire
-Bodies that need to be hidden
-Lights that can be turned off to affect enemy vision.

Metal Gear Offline
-Competitive Enemy Ai
-Enemies can headshot the player , do more damage, and have better accuracy..
-Team Deathmatch battles and 1 vs 1 Player vs Enemy AI Bot matches.
-Stages/Maps can choose time of day.
-RPG Level Up your skills in combat.


Spoiler for:
Metal Gear Solid: Infantry Ops - Title Screen: http://youtu.be/8CutFOAZ11E

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This is pretty cool.
Is that menu scripted or evented? I tried eventing a menu like that before and it went very poorly.  ;9

Level 84
Project of the Month winner for October 2009
This is pretty gnar-gnar.
Is that menu scripted or evented? I tried eventing a menu like that before and it went very poorly.  ;9

Thank you. Ill show you a video of how it works its prrtty smooth. Its a mixture of evented common events that reads from the scripted weapon system.

Expect a demo in the next few weeks. Until then theyre wil be regular updates and videos as well as a developer blog

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woo, an xp game! Looks good too :o

Level 84
Project of the Month winner for October 2009

Lighting system test

Level 84
Project of the Month winner for October 2009
Screenshot Updates from the Beta Version.

The shipping yard

BETA forest graphics and WORK IN PROGRESS lighting.

Gate to shipping yard.

Infront of the Armory.


Beta codec graphics. faces are placeholders.

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Level 84
Project of the Month winner for October 2009
Screenshots from the campaign mode.
+You can now lay prone and crawl under certain objects.

+Enemies have a harder time spotting you in tall grass when crawling or stealth walking.

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Level 84
Project of the Month winner for October 2009
In the next few weeks i will be posting developers videos Following up to release of the public beta.

Feature 01: Voice acting (video coming soon)

Full voice acting and detailed codec support from other main characters. Resulting in more life like characters and deeper insight into the mission and story

despite being a 2d game i'm packing this little game with big punch. Metal Gear Solid XP features full voice acting in game, in codec, and cutscenes.

Gameplay sound wise, snake has multiple sound effects and occasional commentary and welcomed sarcasm to put life into the player.

You will have the opportunity to learn deeper sides to the rich history behind the supporting characters throughout the game from the codec and other ways

The Colonel and T.j will provide you detailed support throughout the game of how to accomplish your objectives. Between bantering of past coop missions shared between snake and the colonel, to Tracies enthusiastic passion for technology you will feel as if the characters are more life like. Voiced and created by devoted fans to hand you a free unique cinematic 2d experience that you'd expect from the 3d titles.