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Aeirex's Scripting Services

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Aeirex's Programming Services
The Tweaker's Salvation
I am a scripter (mostly programmer since I do not like Ruby all that much) and game developer. If you need assistance making a game, I can help you for free as long as it doesn't require me to actually do the work for you (ie: talking through Skype such as asking questions and receiving information) and if you require a lot of help, then I will do so for payment. I can give you estimates on cost and things of that nature before requiring a payment.
  • You must pay upfront of at-least 50%.
  • My work can be used in anyway you see fit. There's no restrictions whatsoever. If you sell something that has my work in it, I kindly ask that you credit me though.
  • I will work on any type of project as long as you take it seriously. No joking around.
  • No compatibility bug fixes after the script is completed. I will offer free bug fixes after the script is completed and paid for as long as it is my doing and not another script.

What I Do
  • Write small to medium sized scripts. I don't write full battle systems or menus.
  • Tweak scripts to fit your needs and help set them up to work with other scripts such as writing compatibility scripts.
  • Fix bugs on scripts.

RGSS Scripts

I extracted code from Yanfly's Battle Engine and made a patch for Victor Saint's Animated Battle to work properly with Yanfly's Battle Engine. I also released many small scripts extracted from Yanfly's Battle Engine.

This will all be done through Paypal, contact me for further details. No refunds unless I didn't complete the work as to what you were expecting, but I am willing to tweak the script until it matches what you had in mind.
If I can't finish the work, you will get a full refund. I will refund you immediately when I realize that I can't complete what you ask of me for whatever reason.
Skype via Helladen or email via hellator@gmail.com.