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RPGMakerVXAce: Quest Kill Counter

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Hey Everyone as the Subject is already saying I am looking for a nice tutorial to get a Quest with Quest Journal and a Kill Count,

For example : I place 2 Bandits in the Town and the Guard is asking me to defeat them, and once I have defeated one it counts +1 also in the Quest Journal. My English aint so
really good because I am a Dutchy so please dont be to Complicated in explaining it to me.

Ps: not sure if there was already a post about this but... It was worth a try..

Thanks in advance I am in your depth!!  :blizj:

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I like to read it. It was really good time killer.

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Post something like this would be on a continuous basis.

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Is this some sort of spam bot congregation ?_?

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I was thinking that, but also thought they could just be non-english speaking new people and or dum people.
So I held off on banning them.
I'm keeping an eye on you two. <O>_<O>