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[RM2k3] Secret of Stormlot 2 Complete

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Note: This game begins directly after the events of the first game and continues the story. It is recommended you complete the first game before playing this one.

Story overview
Knowing the past is key to understanding the present and the future. Farz has a past that he can never forget no matter how hard he tries. What secrets does this man know that can help shed some light on the odd occurrences that have taken place? How has his past shaped what he has become and where will the future take him?

- 10-15 hours of gameplay.
- 10 optional bosses.
- Duel system (like Suikoden)
- Touch encounters: Every enemy you fight is now visible on screen and it is also possible to be ambushed at different points in dungeons.
- Mini-map with indicator: Similar to the first game.
- Reward System: If you can kill every enemy on a map, you will get a special item. Enemies re-spawn after you leave a map, so you will need to kill them all before you move to a new map.



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Looks cute.

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Can I have some more research.

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looking good man !