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[REQUEST]Lovecraftian battlers/facesets

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Hello all! I was wondering if any of the artists around here might have the time and be willing to tackle a small project for me. Free stuff is good, but I can cough up a little dough if that would sweeten the deal and we can discuss those details in private.
Basically what I'm looking for is a couple of battlers and faces for my RMVXA project, very specific ones. If someone is willing to draw some chibi sprites as well, that'd be icing on the cake but not at all necessary.
Here's what I'm looking for:
Shoggoth - need a battler and a faceset. Not really a set, just a single face shot would be fine. I could probably just copy/paste from the battler for that if need be but would prefer something unique.
Elder Thing - Again, a battler and a faceset. Same as above, single face is perfect and I'd be willing to copy/paste from the battler if need be.
The battlers need to be suitable for a side-view system and should match the RTP in color and style. I'm not too big a stickler on this as I'm using battlers from various DLC packs that differ from the RTP in appearance.
As stated above, chibi spritesets of these creatures would be awesome and allow me a little more flexibility, but I can definitely survive without them.
I'm attaching a couple images that I swiped from Wikipedia. The finished product should adhere to the designs in the image, particularly for the Elder Thing, as I need them to be recognizable to fans of the genre.
If anyone has any questions or has seen something like this already out and available somewhere (a search turned up nothing I could use), please don't hesitate.

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There's battlers for Lovecraftian Monsters

Credits to: Mazeran

Here's a link to his/her website if you want more of them:

I know their not side-view like you wanted, but I hope this helps at least.

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Thanks for that! The one on the left there definitely fits the bill for an Elder Thing. The purple one in the middle I might be able to pass off as a Shoggoth...