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Game In A Week XIII

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Despite a few unforeseen setbacks and the need for a last second replacement judge, all the scores are in and ready to go! I'm supposed to show off some fancy reviews too, but those will come later when I'm not about ready to pass out from sleep deprivation. For now, settle with the scores, some brief summations for what the game is, and generally why the judges gave what scores they did.

The ranks are thus!

Spoiler for 13th Place!:

"Ghost Hunt", by SamieltheMDS

Polish - 3.1
Playability - 1.4
Ingenuity - 1.7
Entertainment - 1.3

Final Score - 1.875

This entry is a prime example for what NOT to do in a GIAW contest. I don't say this because it's a bad game, but because the creator focused way too much attention on what he could potentially do with the game and not on what he actually needed to do to get anything done. The result is a thirty second long demo with two bland maps, no story, no gameplay, and tons upon tons of unused scripts and audio files. Let's just say it could use a lot of work to catch up to even 12th place.

Spoiler for 12th Place!:

"An Unlikely Adventure", by Chaos_Zexion

Polish - 7.3
Playability - 4.2
Ingenuity - 4.7
Entertainment - 3.5

Final Score - 4.925

This is one of those rare times where an entry can actually look visually impressive, but have every other part of the game pull the final score down pretty bad. Most of the judges agreed that the game had a really good polish, nice graphics, nice audio. But, like with Ghost Hunt before it, this entry is actually just an extremely small demo that goes nowhere. There's very little actual game to this game yet, and what bits are there are kinda buggy and sounding rather... generic so far. There's potential to better, but at this current point, there's not much to really say other than it looks pretty.

Spoiler for 11th Place!:

"The Wyvern", by Yuyu!

Polish - 4.9
Playability - 6.15
Ingenuity - 3.6
Entertainment - 5.4

Final Score - 5.0125

Personally, I was so looking forward to this game because of Yuyu's RPG Maker experience and because of the teaser info that was posted before she actually submitted the game... and then it turns out to be just a joke game. At least, I think it's a joke game. I wasn't really sure whether it actually was for a long while, and I'm still not certain if some of the judges actually realized that it was all just a joke game.

Despite a nice looking title screen and character selection, virtually everything else about the game was all generic and mediocre at best, with mainly RTP resources and next to no originality. It was reminiscent of a ten year old newbie's first attempt at a game. Plus, the spelling and grammar was bad enough to make my writer of a mate want to bash his head through the nearest wall until either his head or the wall ceased to exist (whichever came last). There's a lighthearted sense of humor to the game, but as the scores show, it wasn't really enough to go very far.

Spoiler for 10th Place!:

"Thirteen Ghosts", by PhoenixFire

Polish - 5.55
Playability - 6.6
Ingenuity - 4.5
Entertainment - 4.4

Final Score - 5.2625

Note, this game is not to be confused with the movie(s) of the same name. This entry is actually just a standard little RPG Maker game with an Arshes-like character who is on a quest to rid the town of ghosts by slashing them with his sword. It's not really a bad game, but there's lots of little things that pull the scores down and not really many redeeming qualities to help bolster the scores back up. The graphics weren't really bad, if lacking for the interior maps, but had small issues here and there for some judges and the audio definitely needed work. The game ran smoothly enough but had a very weird difficulty difference between enemies. The judges all agreed though that it was a rather generic piece that wasn't really all that fun in the end.

Strangely enough, a lot of this entry's scores were actually LOWER than the 11th place scores. The game's main saving grace comes in the form of one single judge having given the Wyvern super low scores for polish and playability compared to this one's, and in the fact that PhoenixFire put more effort into making this an actual game instead of an attempt to troll us.

Spoiler for 9th Place!:

"Farmyard Chronicles", by Flapbat

Polish - 5.5
Playability - 4.4
Ingenuity - 7
Entertainment - 6.4

Average Score - 5.825

Lateness penalty of -0.5 to the final score!

Final Score - 5.325

First off, this game actually could have been ranked 7th place, but due to being late, we had to dock a half point off the final score that ultimately brought the rank down a few places. Additionally, the creator wanted to submit an updated version of his game to fix a couple of bugs in the game, but the judges decided that they would only play the first submitted version of the game due to the time. Thus, the version that the judges played still contained the bugs that would have been remedied in the updated version. Sorry Flapbat, but we were bending the rules already just to accept the first version of the game.

Farmyard Chronicles is, surprisingly, a game made in RPG Maker 2000, which is seemingly a rarity these days with how popular XP, VX, and VXA are. All of the judges seemed to like it well enough and thought it was a cute little game that was pretty original. Personally, the teleporting animals in the opening were outright hilarious to me. Had it not been for one single judge being unimpressed, the polish would have been a pretty good score too, being mostly standard for the engine but well used and rather fitting for the tone of the game. But like most games, the big flaw is in the playability. Combining the angry insects with hammers (IE, game-breaking bugs) and the lack of information for what to do / where to go bombed the scores for two of the judges.

If Flapbat had gotten in his fixed version on time, this game might have done a whole ton better for its ranking than even its original 7th place. But, seven days is seven days!

Spoiler for 8th Place!:

"Lost Island", by Darkness and Axel

Polish - 5.65
Playability - 5.2
Ingenuity - 6.4
Entertainment - 4.3

Final Score - 5.3875

The title says it all for this entry. You're lost and stranded on an island, and must fight to survive while looking for a way off. An interesting concept for an RPG Maker game, but when it came to execution... well, it could have been done better. The judges all agreed that the mapping was decent but a bit bare and repetitious, although the selection of music was well chosen (despite the irony that it was RTP) to boost the polish back up a bit. As far as originality, while I can't say I've ever seen a survival game done with RPG Maker before and think it's a neat concept, most of the judges have seen their fair share of such games outside of RPG Maker and didn't see many new elements. One judge even commented that it's extremely similar to "Lost in the Blue" in terms of the systems.

The main flaw to this entry is that all of the judges felt... well, lost. We had next to no information, no direction, and no idea what we were really doing aside from getting our asses handed to us by the wildlife. Incidentally, wandering around in circles and having my ass handed to me isn't very fun.

Spoiler for 7th Place!:

"Memedroid the Game 2: Prequel", by Kodi123

Polish - 7
Playability - 5.2
Ingenuity - 6.8
Entertainment - 3.8

Final Score - 5.7

Memes. Do I really need to say more? Oh, I guess I do. Dammit, I want to go to bed already!

MtG2 is a strange game in every way, and it's... surprisingly good. When I saw the title, I was admittedly bracing myself for the worst, but most of the judges agree that it's not a bad game really. The visuals seemed pretty fitting overall, with particular note to the cartoonish-ness style of the tileset. With just a little more detail to the mapping and writing, it could really be something. Despite being a joke game that uses an abundance of memes, the concept and story of the game isn't half bad. However, there were some issues with missing music files and a couple of minor game-breaking bugs. Coupled with the difficulty curve requiring you to grind A LOT, it lost a fair amount of points to the playability.

But what knocked this entry down to 7th place instead of something higher was the fact that NONE OF THE JUDGES ENJOYED IT. Most agree that it's a decent game not counting the bugs, but only one of the five judges gave it a good entertainment score, and I'm pretty sure that he/she gave it such for the fun of playing something so difficult rather than for the memes. The rest mostly found the crude humor and overuse of memes not really appealing, and were turned off by how hard of a game it was.

As a note for Kodi though, don't be discouraged by this! The entertainment score is always a bit of a gamble category, and sometimes it simply depends on what kind of judges you've got grading your game. So while the humor of the game might not have gone over very well with us this time, there's bound to be a better target audience for this that'll praise the game much more highly.

Spoiler for 6th Place!:

"A Board Game", by Sipsop

Polish - 6.9
Playability - 5.1
Ingenuity - 8.45
Entertainment - 5.2

Final Score - 6.4125

This certainly was an interesting entry. It's quite literally a board game that plays looks and feels a little bit like LIFE. This is a really unique concept, as I don't believe I have ever seen RPG Maker used to make such a game before. As such, this game has an amazing ingenuity score. Additionally, most of the judges thought it was amazingly polished; the game starts out with some very well done intros, a nifty titlescreen, and a very vibrant board graphic combined with some super upbeat music. Two, however, weren't all that impressed, feeling that the music got a little grating after being on repeat for a while and that the sprites, spaces, and backgrounds felt off and contrasting to each other.

Despite how unique everything looks, the one thing that cost this entry dearly is a lack of instructions, or at least a purpose. None of the judges had any idea how to actually play the game; we rolled the dice, landed on random spaces that apparently gave us intelligence/fun/money, went around in circles until the game eventually told us that we won. There was a manual included to explain what the spaces did (which I know at least judge never actually read before playing), but it explains very little and gave us no clue what the stats actually did or what the goal of the game was. As a result, the playability scores were mediocre and entertainment scores low for all but one judge.

On a side note though... despite being in sixth place, this game actually has the highest ingenuity score out of all of the games!

Spoiler for 5th Place!:

"The Rubicon", by Legacy

Polish - 5.95
Playability - 5.6
Ingenuity - 7.85
Entertainment - 6.6

Final Score - 6.5

As the MC, this entry gave me the most headaches out of all of the entries, due to the fact that two of the judges scores were so polarized for this game that I badly wanted to tell both of them to redo all of their scores. But, the final scores for this entry were similar enough to what the other judges actually thought that I let it go through as is.

The Rubicon can be considered stealth game of sorts about a group of people lured into a deathtrap, where they must use quick reflexes and the power to turn invisible to sneak past a whole ton of enemies. Three of the judges agreed that, gameplay-wise, it was a mediocre game with a couple of minor bugs and a detection system that's kinda iffy at best. Visually, it's not too shabby (except for the titlescreen, which was amaaaaazing), but it could use some better mapping that's not so bland and empty. It needs more than just boxes and strewn paper. Also, it's a little confusing whether this is a modern game or a steampunk game due to story sounding like a modern one but the graphics feeling like your standard fantasy RPG Maker game.

Where my headache comes in is this: one judge gave extremely low scores in polish, playability, and entertainment, citing bugginess and as the main issue while being thoroughly unimpressed with how it looks overall. Another judge, however, had the complete opposite of overwhelmingly good scores higher than even the first place game, having found the stealth to be intriguing and fun while the graphics seemed very fitting. Mercifully, the final scores still fit in with what the rest of us thought of the game: it's a decent game, but still has a LOT of room for improvement.

Additionally, ALL of the judges found the story to be quite interesting, but I can't say why without spoiling anything!

Spoiler for 4th Place!:

"Melody's Quest", by NekoBucket

Polish - 7.1
Playability - 6.15
Ingenuity - 7.35
Entertainment - 6.7

Final Score - 6.825

Unlike most of the submissions, this particular entry can actually be considered a simple kid's game. This game, as the title states, is about a little girl named Melody on a quest to find a cinnamon roll for breakfast. It doesn't get much cuter than that, unless you were to come across some mewling kittens while playing.

Almost all of the judges were unanimous in all of their scores. It's a pretty decent game that was easy on eyes, though the mapping could use some improvement) and had unique feel to it. The biggest flaw to this entry is the small number of bugs (like almost all of the games have) and, more importantly, the gameplay itself. It's basically a giant fetch quest with a couple of mandatory side quests attached, and doesn't really do a good job of pointing you in the proper direction. A number of the judges got stuck trying to figure out where they're actually supposed to go, and if it weren't for a Read Me file that showed me where to look for the solutions to the "puzzles", we probably all would have been stuck a lot longer until we gave up on it. That took a good chunk out of both playability and entertainment, as somehow getting lost in the same two maps is not really our idea of fun.

Still, it was enjoyable for what it was, simple as it may be, and I'm told that this is actually NekoBucket's first attempt at ever making a game. While you do still have some things to learn, you've done a great job so far for your starter!

Spoiler for 3rd Place!:

"The Undimmed Tablets", by Bluntsword

Polish - 7.8
Playability - 6
Ingenuity - 7
Entertainment - 7.1

Final Score - 6.975


The Undimmed Tablets is very clearly a game made by a good writer with a sense of story, character, and setting. Despite using almost exclusively RTP graphics, the mapping is very nicely done, the music is very appropriate, and the characters fit very well together both in terms of appearance and in personality. The story itself was thought to be "standard RPG formula" by some of the judges, but in general it's well liked for the direction it takes.

But, as with most of the games so far, bugs take their toll on the gameplay score (and often with it the entertainment score). For example, doing certain quests out of sequence tends to put you in a situation that either prevents you from being able to progress any further or outright crashes the game. However, despite the number of bugs, the game was fairly well liked for the immersion. Any game that can make you look past having to start again from the beginning due to a bug and still enjoy it must be doing something right!

Spoiler for And finally, first and second place!:

Second Place: "Fabulon", by KilgoreTrout

Polish - 7
Playability - 7.5
Ingenuity - 8.4
Entertainment - 7.1

Final Score - 7.5

Okay, no, really, I need to go to bed, I'm going to pass out if I don't and be a walking zombie at work tomorrow.

This entry is a surprisingly amusing game about a stereotypically gay robot who has been banished to the axis of time and must find five fabulous artifacts to return to his own time again. The simplistic graphics are well done, and it certainly has a unique story even if it does rip a fair chunk from Illusion of Gaia, Super Mario, and other NES titles. The gameplay felt a little clunky to some judges, but for the most part handled pretty well with a mash of genres. Overall, almost all of the judges were thoroughly impressed by it.

First Place: "Spirit Summoner Girl", by Hiromu656

Polish - 7.85
Playability - 8.45
Ingenuity - 7.3
Entertainment - 7.4

Final Score - 7.75

This entry is OH SCREW IT I'M GOING OFF TO BED. THE GAME IS GOOD, JUST TRUST ME ON THAT. It's beautfully done, has an interesting story and no real bugs to speak of. Just wait for the full reviews for the lavishing praises. ;-;

Congratulations to one and all! This was certainly an interesting round of Game in a Week!

Spoiler for Original Post:
The city was dying, the streets filthy with death and decay as the faint wind blew nothing but stale air about. Many were the bodies of the dead littering the road, whilst the scarce few living that remained sat about in the gutters, either too sick to move or too drunk to care. As I passed through, I saw a small group of poor, dirty children sitting on the sidewalk and poking each other with sticks as a way to pass the time. Feeling sorry for those unfortunates, I bent down and said onto them, "Pitiful vagrants, I beseech thee: what could I do to help thou to live better than this?"

"Well, you could always whip us up another GIAW..."

We put you to the poll, and the results said that another classic contest was called for. Well, you wanted it, you got it.
Prepare for the thirteenth round of the classic time-crunch competition, GAME IN A WEEK XIII!

Harking back to the days of ole, I, Bayard Zylos, once again rise to leadership to rule guide you all as the master of ceremonies! As this is roughly our thirteenth time doing this, I'm sure everyone is familiar with what the GIAW is all about, but just in case you're brand new to the forum or have somehow been completely oblivious to the last 7-8 years of the competition, the rules are quite simple. Contestants are given exactly one week to create a game with RPG Maker, a grueling challenge with the sole purpose of pushing our game-makers to their limits. In the past, we've had a couple of people who have made absolutely incredible games that I would have paid money to play, while some others have made games I would have paid money to erase from history itself. After the week is done, all of the games are then scored by a panel of judges to determine the best of them based on ingenuity, playability, entertainment and polish. At the end, the person with the highest score is declared the god of all game creation whom everyone must worship, before we pass out the prizes and all head to the nearest bar to have a good laugh about all of the games.

The Rules:
  • You may choose any starting date for your seven days anywhere from Sunday, August 10th, to Sunday, August 17th. For more detailed time slots, see the choices below the rules. You MUST declare when your start date is. Any starting date after the 17th but before the 24th will still be allowed, but you will still have to submit by the latest date of 23rd, and thus will have less time than the other competitors.
  • You will have exactly one week from the your starting point to turn in your submission. Seven days is the strict limit. For example, if your starting date is August 12th, then you start at midnight on August 12th and your final submission must be in my PM box by 11:59 PM on August 18th at the latest, or else you will be disqualified.
  • You may NOT start work on your game until the your week begins. You may plan out the story or download pre-existing resources and such, but you may not create new resources, scripts, or events. If you're not sure, ask.
  • You may use any resource you wish, as long as you provide proper credit for it and the creator has no specific objections.
  • You may sign up for the contest either as an individual or as part of a team. Teams can not consist of more than three members at most though, and the members of such must be made known. No signing up as an individual and working with your private creative team from some other forum.
  • Games may be made using any RPG Maker, but only with RPG Maker. 2k3, XP, VX, VXA and the like are all permissible. Other programs like the Game Maker programs are off-limits.
  • You may not post playable builds or demos of your submission until after the judges have finished scoring all submissions. Screenshots are allowed.
  • Finished submissions must be given UNENCRYPTED for judging purposes. Don't worry, the judges aren't going to tamper with anything they shouldn't or steal anything of yours; this is mainly to check for any cheating and forcibly getting around any bugs they might encounter.

Time Slots:
  • Sunday, August 10th - Saturday, August 16th
  • Monday, August 11th - Sunday, August 17th
  • Tuesday, August 12th - Monday, August 18th
  • Wednesday, August 13th - Tuesday, August 19th
  • Thursday, August 14th - Wednesday, August 20th
  • Friday, August 15th - Thursday, August 21st
  • Saturday, August 16th - Friday, August 22nd
  • Sunday, August 17th - Saturday, August 23rd

To join in, simply post us a shout out that you'd like to enter in and tell us when your start date is gonna be. If you're super late to join in and want to start in after the 17th, you will be allowed, but you'll still have to submit your final product in by the last due date of the 23rd. This way the contest may properly end on time without being unfairly dragged on for those who are already done with their submissions.

When you're ready to submit, upload an UNENCRYPTED COPY of the game to someplace like a Dropbox account or Sendspace and PM the link to me. It's also very helpful to tell me the name of the game and give me a brief description of what your project is about so that the judges will know a little bit of what they're getting into before they start your game.

Scoring Guidelines:

When your project is handed over to the judges, they will play through your game to the best of their abilities and give it a score from one to ten in four different categories: polish (visuals and audio), playability (gameplay and general mechanics), ingenuity (originality and story), and entertainment (the fun factor). Obviously, a score of 10 in a category is like having commercial quality greatness, while a score of 1 is our polite way of saying that you suck. However, even a game that looks absolutely terrible and is scored a 1 in polish could easily make up points by, say, being addictively fun and scoring a 10 in entertainment. For more details on what the judges will be looking for, see below.

Spoiler for:
  • Polish is how the game visuals and atmosphere feels, the sound and appearance of everything. Breath-taking original graphics or an amazing selection of music would be scored highly here. If the maps look empty or unappealing to the eyes, the judge would lower this score. Essentially, how does it look overall? Things like visual glitches, poor audio (or lack of sound completely), distractingly different art styles, or bad mapping would be affected here.
  • Playability is the underlying mechanics and gameplay of the project. If the scripts and events are magnificently executed, the judges would give a good score here. If there are things like bugs or errors that take away from the game, the judges would score lower here. How easy is it to play the game? How much does it feel like an actual game rather than a chore for the judges to play through? The judges will be on the look out for glitches, game length (ie, demo vs. full game), difficulty, and the general components that make a game a game.
  • Ingenuity is how new and original the ideas of the game feels. Even the poorest of projects might have a captivating storyline or concept, or a unique gameplay idea that we've never seen done before with RPG Maker. Things like having an inspiring story or showing cleverly created plans would get good marks, while being cliche or having nothing but bland default RTP stuff would hinder this category.
  • Entertainment is... well, the entertainment value of the game. How fun of a game it is, how captivating or addicting it is, and above all, how enjoyable of a game it is versus how boring or frustrating of a project. The score here will likely be a representation of how much the judge liked playing through the game no matter what the scores were in the other categories.

Additionally, I'll be having the judges write small reviews of your game to show why they gave you the scores they did in the particular categories. It'll be up to their own anonymous discretion for how detailed those reviews are, possibly ranging from single sentence explanations to giant essays depending on how they want to do it. We learned our lesson from the last contest!

But wait, there's more! This time around, we've got more than little trophy icons for you... WE HAVE PRIZES!!!

The Prizes:
  • Origin Game - Medal of Honor (From IAMFORTE)
  • Origin Game - Battlefield 3 (From IAMFORTE)
  • Origin Game - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising (From IAMFORTE)
  • Origin Game - Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (From IAMFORTE)
  • Origin Game - Dead Space (From IAMFORTE)
  • Origin Game - Mirrors Edge (From IAMFORTE)
  • Origin Game - Crysis 2 Maximum Edition (From IAMFORTE)
  • Steam Game - "Enclave" (From Kodi123)
  • Steam Game - "To The Moon" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Binding of Isaac" + DLC (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "McPixel" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Organ Trail DC" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "DLC Quest" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Thief Gold" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Terraria" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Final Fantasy VII" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Nuclear Dawn" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Papers Please" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Five Nights at Freddy's" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Dishonored" (From Zylos)
  • Steam Game - "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" (From Zylos)
  • RMRK - Free selection of Pokemon! (6 regular)* (From Roph)
  • RMRK - Free selection of Pokemon! (3 shiny)* (From Roph)
  • RPG Maker - Complicated puzzle or event system request!* (From Zylos)
  • Other - PIZZA NIGHT #1! (From Sophist)
  • Other - PIZZA NIGHT #2! (From Zylos)

The top placers will get their pick(s) of some neat stuff we've piled together, while everyone who participates will at least be walking away with their free choice of any RMRK Pokemon! Most prize options, aside from the pokemon and RPG Maker stuff, are first come first serve and not tradable, so obviously the higher you place, the more likely you'll be able to pick out something you like before someone else grabs it.

Again, all you need to do to join in is simply post in this thread that you'd like to join (along with telling us your starting date). The more people that join, the more fun the contest will be, so don't be shy!

  • Exhydra (13th to 19th)
  • Bluntsword (17th to 23rd)
  • hiromu656 (10th to 16th)
  • llama32 (16th to 22nd)
  • PhoenixFire (13th to 19th)
  • Legacy (11th to 17th)
  • Chaos_Zexion (15th to 21st)
  • SamieltheMDS (15th to 21st)
  • yuyu! (11th to 17th)
  • NekoBucket (11th to 17th)
  • flapbat (12th to 18th)
  • kingjing (14th to 20th)
  • akatharsia (13th to 19th)
  • Namagomi (17th to 23rd)
  • sipsop (17th to 23rd)
  • Darkness & Axel (15th to 21st)
  • worrierjeb (17th to 23rd)
  • Lige (16th to 22nd)
  • Kodi123 (16th to 22nd)
  • KilgoreTrout (17th to 23rd)
  • Malson (15th to 21st)
  • Urbanlord3000 (16th to 22nd)

  • Zylos
  • Boe
  • Acolyte
  • Brady

And that's it! Come on in and let's make some GIAW magic for our lucky 13th run!
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I would fancy to be signed up as a judge my friend. Smashing.

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Humm ... I'll enter a game this time around.

Wednesday, August 13th - Tuesday, August 19th
PST time zone

EDIT: All the time slots end on a 'Saturday' regardless of the date, by the way.

UPDATED 05-29-14

UPDATED 07/04/15 - v2.5

UPDATED 07/04/15 - v1.5

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I will also lend my services as a judge!

*Edit* Might I add that the end dates are all Saturday :P

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I'll judge this time around.

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What, no, I don't know what you all are talking about?   

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Ok fine I'm in. Participant. Starting August 10th!

Level 87
I'm not sure if I'll have time to take part unless there's a team looking for a spare member or something...bit short notice for me sadly, but I'll see what I can do~

Any chance you're still after another Judge though? Would love to still take part in the event somehow, see all the action! x

Furry Philosopher
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There's still the last judge position, although I can't recall if there was someone else who had already said they wanted it before the contest even started. Still, if you need a little more time, you can start as late as the Sunday after next while still getting in your seven days. Would you still rather judge than compete?

Level 87
If there's a judging position available I'd rather take that to be honest. As much as I'd like to compete, there's only two weeks left on my internship and it'd be quite good not to have a reason to be preoccupied for a week of it; judging is best of both worlds for me :)

If it comes to it though, I have some minigame ideas I might try to squeeze some time in for ~

Furry Philosopher
Level 94
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Level 87
Great! Looking forward to it :)

Level 76
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I'd like to give this a shot.

Sunday, August 10th - Saturday, August 16th

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RMRK Junior
I'd be interested in this. Single game developer (no team). My preference would be the Saturday, August 16th - Friday, August 22nd time slot.

Level 72
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I'll start Wednesday the 13th.
Download http://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_lm5v281q6E1qde50fo1.mp3

Level 87
I'll join and start Monday the 12th! Is there no category this time around?

Rep: +0/-0Level 88
I'd love to participate but making an entire tileset for a single set of rooms would take me the whole week.
So if anybody is in need of an original midi or mp3 i could help.

Good luck to all participants. :D

Furry Philosopher
Level 94
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Added all of you. And to Legacy, nope, no special themes this time; it's classic style with no extras and no limitations!

Level 72
~Few people understand the beauty of the night~
2014 Best Topic
And to all: May the odds be ever in your favor!
Download http://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_lm5v281q6E1qde50fo1.mp3

Level 72
The cloaked schemer
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I'll start on the 15th :D

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I'd like to clarify my reward, since PIZZA NIGHT is kinda vague:

If the GIAW winner is in the US, I will buy them one large pizza if they so desire. Good luck to all our American contestants!
you awoke in a burning paperhouse
from the infinite fields of dreamless sleep

Level 72
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2014 Best Topic
Being our 13th one, I would like to suggest maybe giving out bonus points if the "lucky 13" theme is incorporated into the game somehow?
Download http://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_lm5v281q6E1qde50fo1.mp3

Furry Philosopher
Level 94
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Nah, there's no bonus points this time around. We had a poll to ask around for what kind of GIAW we should do for this one, and classic version with no extra advantages or disadvantages took the top. Keeps it nice and simple.

Level 72
~Few people understand the beauty of the night~
2014 Best Topic
Download http://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_lm5v281q6E1qde50fo1.mp3

Level 81
Participant - GIAW 11
Well I seem of missed GIAW XII somewhere along the line since I was in GIAW XI so I'll try and see what I can do for this one I suppose.

I'd like to be entered in the time frame Friday, August 15th - Thursday, August 21st.

Also best of luck to all the contestants on their projects as well. ^^