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Dynamic Poke Images

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Trainer Stuff: Always 96x96 (Second image is when invalid stuff is requested)


In each case where you see 273 above, replace that number with your account's number.

Random ones:
[img]http://rmrk.net/pokemon/image.php?randompoke[/img] (Always 96x96)

[img]http://rmrk.net/pokemon/image.php?randompoke=shiny[/img] (Always 96x96)

[img]http://rmrk.net/pokemon/image.php?randompoke=small[/img] (Always 32x32)

[img]http://rmrk.net/pokemon/image.php?randompoke=big[/img] (31x57 up to 234x192)

[img]http://rmrk.net/pokemon/image.php?randompoke=huge[/img] (183x183 up to 1280x1280)
Spoiler for:

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