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(Request)(XP) Change Equipment/Item Name

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Hello again :3 Sorry for all the requests. I'll be sure to help as much as possible around here when this demo is done.

So, here's the request:

I am currently working on custom crafting systems where you can name the item that you create. For example, after creating a weapon, you can name it whatever you want. If anyone has seen the 2012 anime Sword Art Online, basically the blacksmith skill is going to be almost an exact replica to the one for my game.

Can anyone help me with this?
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uhhh... well, I'm not a scripter, but I think I know what would have to be done here. I believe there's a way you can access the .rxdata file, and rename entries using ruby. Unfortunately, I think that will require implementing just about everything yourself =p I unfortunately do not know of how you do this, but CP has an article on it already where they kind of discussed it. If you wanna read through it, it's here: [C#] How to load .rxdata files?
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