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Looking for a sprite/tileset artist for Mobile Platformer + RPG

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I have built my own engine for a 2D Platformer+RPG, and the basics of the gameplay engine are about half done: I have to finish the battle engine and all the basics will be done. At that point, I just need to add on specific features for the game, like menus, equipment, skills, etc. All in all, I'm probably 20% complete with the entire framework for the game.

The gameplay and battle engines run on tilesets built with the "Tiled Map Editor" software. It's VERY similar to RPG Maker, for those not familiar with it.
I'm looking for an artist who is talented and willing to collaborate on this game with me. This has been a really fun project so far, and I'm going to come to a point really soon where I need someone doing graphics and art.
Some background on the project
I started with an idea to make an RPG for mobile devices, but realized that the standard top-down view (where you can walk in all directions) does not work well on mobile because there's no controller; not as fun. So I had an idea to combine an RPG battle system with a platformer (only left and right movement with jump) like Mario Bros. Then, I started building an engine to make that game. Here is what I have so far:

Current Build Example:

Comps (guideline designs, including placeholder images as well as original designs):
Spoiler for:




Some background on me
I am a full-time senior software engineer (web) for a huge international company - I do *not* make video games for a living, and although I have made money selling games, I want to keep this project a HOBBY, not a professional endeavor. Video games are a hobby of mine: I've always played video games, and since I started writing code at the age of 12, moved through most of the RPG Makers, and I have kept my passion for making video games. Most people who do recognize me will know me as a composer - that's another hobby of mine. ;)
What I need
For this project, I need someone who can do at least one of the following:
 - create animated spritesheets; preferibly animals
 - render tilesets
 - design other game art like backgrounds and maps
 - design interface elements
Might be nice for you to know
I have a general idea for a story, and it revolves around forest animals trying to save their home and their friends. So the characters would all be forest animals. Although, I could see the story being applicable to more traditional human characters as well, so I'm not limiting myself to animals.
I have started some interface designs. I'm good with photoshop and I have an eye for graphic design, but I often have a hard time doing the designs and getting approval from... myself.
I have most of the game mechanics planned out, but I'm always open to ideas. I'd gladly discuss anything and everything with someone willing to contribute to this project.
While it would be nice to make this game free, I would like to do a Kickstarter for this project once it's in a somewhat working state. I believe we could get a enough backing to make it worthwhile.  :)

Also, once this game is done, the engine will be ready to be reconfigured and roll out any number of other, similar games.

You can contact me here, but I prefer email: david at rpgm.org

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I hate to break it for you, but the chances for finding a 2d artist here are next to zero. Even in places like IndieDB/ModDB, which is one of the bigger hobby video game development communities, 2d artists are hard to come by. It isn't even about whether your project seems legit enough (ie you've put some effort into it or not), they're just not there.

You have much better chances at finding a 2d artist in places like Pixeljoint or Pixelation. But be warned, many of them only work for a small fee. Such a thing as a free 2D artist who will work purely out of interest is an extreme rare thing these days.

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Thanks for the info and links. It's hard to tell the demographics of a forum.

I realize that finding, well, *anyone* to work on a project out of interest is rare. I can appreciate that... On the other hand, there's no harm in asking.