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[Request] 4-direction big monsters [VX/VXA]

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I'm using a side view battle system that replaces the enemy battlers in characters and I wanted to have, since a very long time, a couple of characters that I couldn't use, because they didn't face the right direction. Basically, what I need, is that you make these characters face and move to all directions and not only bottom.

These are the characters I need facing all four directions (The insect/demon king dude is the one I need the most, so if you could begin with that one, it would be appreciated, but I won't hate you if you did the dragon first, I would thanks you alot anyway)

I know I might be asking to much, but I hope that someone would be able to help me. I know it will be useful for alot of people, not only me. Anyway, I thank you for reading.

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I agree I could really use this too. I don't have any clue why these are the only non-4 direction characters in the ace rtp?
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I hope you both know that these are 2-Dimensional sprites. These aren't 3D object that you can just rotate. Each new direction has to be drawn almost from scratch.
Unless you're willing to pay or get SUPER lucky with somebody who's bored... there's not much chance of these being made.